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A Brief History of Guyana and Why My Grandfather Hated My Life

First Generation Problems The new faces of Canada. My Mom in the 80s My Guyanese family, especially my grandparents, are surprisingly the biggest brand ambassadors of Canada. Though they have visited three of the world's 196 countries, they have the audacity to claim that Canada is the BEST one. Are they whack? Maybe not. Here's how they broke it down to me. "Do you know how hard we worked to come to this country?" They asked me with scowling dark eyes. " Do you know how many people are dying to get into Canada, and you.. you!," My grandfather paused in disgust, as if I was the whack ass one, "You can't wait to leave!" How does one respond to that? Normally, I feel no more or less Canadian than my white compatriots even though I am the first generation from my fam to be born in this country. So what if I didn't grow up listening to Rush? I like hockey, I'm polite and a strong liberal and say 'sorry' and 'ab

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