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You know something is fundamentally wrong with a person when you walk into their room and are affronted by the eagerness of their stationary suitcases, like a bunch of sparkly-eyed  children anxious to go to the zoo based on empty 'maybe later' parental promises. Their suitcases squat impatient and restless in the corner, untouched after six months of piling dust yet somehow, always ready to go. The Germans have a word for this sickness (they always have a word), it's called fernweh. It essentially means the opposite of home sickness -- a yearning to go far away. I got back from Paris eight months ago, yet I refused to put the suitcases in storage, decorate my room, effectively never truly settle in Toronto. I knew with a certainty merited only by raw ambition, that I would leave soon. So goddamn what if didn't know when and I didn't know why. Well guess what, World? It's finally happened! I have a sweet job offer.

If you know me at all, you know I'm not a backpacker. Though (self) diagnosed with fernweh, I refused to drain ressources on infinity travelling expeditions, the ones where people quit life without a plan, wander aimlessly through India for spirituality, blah blah barf (Spoiler alert: 7 yrs later I India-ed). Maybe it's the immigrant/ first gen problems haunting me, but it's a privileged path that I've never been interested in taking (mostly because I'm poor and it's stupid to yearn for what one can't obtain, but also seems rather dull). Instead, I studied international relations in university to give myself the travel fishing rod.  Frack drifting like a drunk from one bar island to the next forever, I want to roll up my sleeves and get down and hella dirty with the places I go.

Female backpackers at their worst

Which brings me to the excitement of the job. I've got offered the position of Content Marketing Manager for a fashion start-up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Yes, I was there before but it was as an intern for the UN. Remember rat alley and my dog life? This time I'm on salary, baby! I'm stoked to rock Jakarta like I never could have before with a 300 USD/month stipend, also for the chance to really get to know the rest of the country. But seriously, this time it's not about the travel. The job seems awesome: blogging, working with bloggers, developing social media strategies, attending baller fashion events to develop content etc. My beating heart and the butterflies in my stomach are sumo wrestling in my body for my attention. When I think about it, I feel like bustin' out dropkicks on my bed from excitement (and sheer coolness of dropkicks, obvi).

But here's the thing. I LEAVE SO SOON, say one week perhaps? There's so much to do before I take off (eh). My close friend, James, can't fathom how I can uproot myself so quickly. Neither can I frankly, I'm stressing out. Also, I'm looking for someone to share a badass apartment with in Jakarta. Looking for roommates and apts from abroad are hella hard tasks. If you are moving to Jakarta in the next month, let me know! Or  pass this along to friends. I'm looking in Kuningan, Gatot Subroto area.

I'm stoked to come back to Jakarta especially for a job I know will be awesome. Look forward to seeing all the old posse that remained but I have a wretched sadness that feels like indigestion from leaving everyone I love in Toronto. Wah face.  Next post: Getting Ready to Leave. 

Are you picking up and leaving? Do you prefer backpacking or expat living? Tips for making it less painful? Share your brain with us!

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