Indie Guide Jakarta: Vintage Shopping Pasar Senen

Shitty Blogger Apology + Vintage Threads in Jakarta Town 

How about we just pretend that it hasn't been SIX MONTHS since my blog post? I feel like a deadbeat dad, a runaway lover, a sad excuse for the person you used to know (somebody!) ! Clues to my infidelity may be found in my last post. (Did you check it? Good.)

Basically, I've gained enough weight to drown a diver, so I'll settle with talented artist depictions of me until I can finally fit on a screen again. Slash, I lost my camera. Check out Basith Ibrahim. A young whipper snapper I'm working with for some awesome clients! 

Well well. Who would have guessed that launching your own entrepreneurial venture in Indonesia would be insuperably time-consuming? But more than time consuming, my soul is tied in an infinite dance of love with my job. I thought I maxed out my professional happiness credit card when MTV scouted myself and this blog, but turns out I AM MORE THAN A WRITER. I am a business biatch, ho scums! I mean, my blog has always been an outlet for me. A place to fulfil creativity I didn't get in my IR degree and UN life. But now.. there are no need for outlets! Whoah. I love working to build the Indonesian art scene. It's the best of all worlds: creative, business, communications (pretty sure my brain is divided into these 3 sections).

Anyways, let's get back to being a baller' when living outside of your home hood. If you haven't been convinced by this, and this, then I will show you the best round of booty I have ever scoured from the best and biggest vintage market in Jakarta, PASAR SENEN. The best part is that normal Indonesian people think they are too cool for it or can't find crap there, so it is very raw and untapped!

If you are on a budget because you're a UN intern (like I was) or simply just have become stupidly revolted by the ubiquity of mall culture here (*sidekick a mannequin's head off body), then seriously go here.

I would have paid top dollar for all this at Top Shop, but in the end spent less than ___ bucks for this. Hold up. 

 Let's play the Price is Right. 

How much did these cost? 
 a) Blue Blazer with double breast goldish buttons
b) Green purse
c) Purple leather loafers with gold coloured buckles. 

b) Fake leather green bag.

c) real leather loafers

a) Jacket: 20k IDR or 2 euros. At Pasar Senen there is a guy who sells blazers for super cheap!! He is near an exit. Try to find him!

b) Purse: 40k IDR or 4 euros.

c) Shoes: 80k IDR or 8 euros. And the most expensive thing I bought that day.

Alright, I feel like I'm learning the meaning of "growing up". Did you know that sometimes I don't go out, like to an actual party because I'd rather stay in and WORK? I know, that whole sentence is basically the antithesis to my life. I will try to blog more often but right now I need some shut eye, aye? I have some AWESOME things to say about Singapore, which vary a whole hell ton from my first impression of Singapore. Hold tight.

Do you ever feel as dumb as a mute when trying to convey feelings of overwhelming joy?  You will when you listen to this song. Imagine strapping your heart to rockets that shoot from the earth and explode into a shower of sparkly rainbows that fill the naked blue sky. You start to cry from the sheer number of colours.. colours and variance you never knew existed until this rocket heart rainbow.

La Llorna (pronounced Girona, as my Spaniard amigo told me) is the original of the Beirut version. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS AN ORIGINAL. Anyways. I am sorry for the absence, I hope with sparkles in your ears, you can forgive me and keep reading.

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