Indie Guide Jakarta Arts: Salihara Theater

Finding the Art Scene in Jakarta with this Hip, Cozy Theater 

Hey everyone, this post is a celebration to having discovered something mildly cool in Jakarta called Salihara Theater. This is a neat little joint that screens silent movies and gets bands to play a live soundtrack over it. Tonight I watched my first silent called Nosferatu, the story of Count Dracula getting bored of his boring Eastern European crib and looking to get himself some city ass. Unfortunately, the neighbours weren't really down with his neighbourhood integration, mainly because he travels with packs of rats and coffins of dirt, also he eats people. Not terribly terrifying but still a cool film and interesting use of music played live by French Band, Zone Libre. I'm into the concept, but personally thought they could have used their crescendos in a mega more evocative way. And besides, Edward Cullen will always be my numba one vampire stunna (joking, hello).

Bref, if you are starving for some alternative culture in the city of nouveau riche/mind blowingly mainstream entertainment scene, despair not! I'm not saying I'm above Blockbuster films and shaking my ace to Moves Like Jager, but sometimes you need to change it up to avoid lunacy.

Salihara Theater also does awesome arty cool things like poetry readings, book launches, adapted plays and more. The crowd is a mix of international people and rockin' Indonesians too. Boom.

Tickets generally go for Rp.50,000 general/ Rp. 25,000 student

In south Jakarta next to Pasar Mingu, on Jalan Salihara.
16 Jl. Salihara