Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cultural Differences

Asia versus Europe

Free condoms distributed in Indonesia courtesy of the UN versus Durex condoms in France. I tried to give Camille a condom (he's finally getting laid) that I had gotten for free. He opened it up and laughed at its inutility (not that he's some sort of big shot or anything).

 Having known western men who have used the local condoms, it is indeed possible to fit but they said it was hella uncomfortable and had to keep readjusting so it didn't fall off.

True story: One super motivated fellow without options actually ended up losing it..inside and had to go fishing (pun intended). So boys and girls, don't settle for free local condoms if you can avoid it. As you can see from this visual aid, the difference is hard to deny! Oh and of course it's the motion of the ocean that counts, just make sure you find what fits you best, World! Good luck and let the fun times roll!

Ps. I'm back in Paris (as you can see, I'm reunited with my brother from another mother) and I've never been happier. More to come on our first day together!

New! Check out this map on Penis sizes (thanks Marcel)!

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