Indie Guide Thailand: Where Interns Live in Bangkok for Cheap

Cheap Accommodation for Intern Living in Bangkok

(That isn't a shack)

I saw that someone google searched "where do UN interns live in Bangkok" and found my blog. Apologies for the utter waste of time that google hit put you on. I have never written about where I lived in Bangkok as an intern with the IOM (not UN btw) but I will make it up to you because I do indeed have theeeee most ultimate gem in the world for Bangkok living on the cheap.

Sathorn Saint View: 
201/1 Sathorn Soi 17 Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
Phone: 66 2 675 8921 - 27
Fax: 66 2 212 1231

This place was a thriving cesspool of interns. I made all my friends there and we had the craziest times in Bangkok. We had the same lifestyle, lived together and really I don't know if I would've had the same experience if I hadn't stayed there.

The cheapest room available is for 6000 Baht/month and you pay for electricity and internet on top of that. It comes with a mini fridge, hot water, a large bed, fresh towels and sheets. There is no kitchen and it's considered a serviced apartment.  For short term intern living it is perfect. Everything is clean and new and the best part is that there is a pool on the roof! Also a crap ass gym. It was a 20 minute walk away from where I worked on Silom Road and you can access the Sky train within 5 minutes too. It is very central and I think the best you can find in that area.

Bad parts about it: the management can be complete wankers. You are not allowed to have guests on the roof unless you ask for permission before hand. I asked them to use the microwave and they tried to charge for that. It's just small things like their pettiness that make it sort of annoying but if you were on a 5 USD/day stipend like I was than you learn to swallow your temper..

Hope this was helpful! I write this as I sit in a restaurant in Koh Phangan trying to freelance edit to make money while I job hunt!! I am hopefully interviewing for a UN consulting position in Bangkok next week. Wish me luck!!

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  2. I have a question. This apartment complex seems to have single rooms. How were you able to make friends??


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