Full Moon Party: The Video

Koh Phangan: The Party with no End

I'm sitting in a restaurant in Koh Phangan right now watching BBC news (should I be surprised that Germany abstained in the UN action against Gaddafi?). It's noon and I haven't yet gone to sleep. I know The Beach kind of ruined the appeal of this place for many (I definitely was deterred) but honestly, I love this island now. Everyone has so much energy all the time, it's truly unparalleled around the world.

Here's a peak at what this cussin' crazy night, famous around the world for its debauchery looks like. In four words: IT DID NOT END. I kept trying to go home and found myself in a million after parties. The sun got hot, it became that late in the day. Can't wait for tomorrow night. Wonder if it will be as mental! If you are in Thailand and love partying I seriously hope you consider trying it out.


  1. Woah! Thats a really @&@$/-;-;($&66& = Awesome video!!!!


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