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Why Australia Doesn't Suck Completely

I don't know why, but since my hater-licious post on Kuta Bali and scummy Australians, a bunch of things keep popping up that have (grudgingly) given me small nuggets of appreciation for the Land Down Under.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've just moved in with one in Jakarta. Anyhoo, here are some things that have impressed the pants off me.

1. Tim Tams: so cheap and scrumptious. They have revolutionized snacking for me and have pushed out my love of local goods in Indonesia.. (yup, peace out Beng Beng). Ps. Do they sell this in Canada?

 2. Machine Gun Fellatio: sexy music, funky jazzy beats, crazy lyrics. wow. How has it taken me this long to have heard of them?

3. Summer Heights High: Mr. G's room is a special place for me.

"Because he's a ranga, sir!" Ha, I need to watch this all again.

4. Hugh Jackman. The poor guy's reaction on MTV Punk'd after he thinks he's blown up a house because of a "barbie" malfunction, is priceless. He is the first Aussie I've developed a crush on.

5. Steve Bradbury: The luckiest gold medal in history? Man, I wish I could pull a Bradbury  sometimes, this guy makes me happy in his sheer dumb luck. Also, the only way an Aussie can win in the Winter Olympics! Hey, take what you can.

Not going to lie, I actually struggled to find five, but at least I have hope restored of what goodness this continent has. If you have some suggies let the rest of the world know, whether you're aussie or not.


(Ps. Home dogs, take this blog and its postings with a grain of salt yea? It's just for a laughs and obviously does not reflect real world views. People have been getting mega sensitive and swearing in comments and stuff. Let's keep it civil and hold hands and think of rainbows.)

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  1. What about the refrigerator, the lawn mower, vegemite, the cochlear implant, the first vaccine against cancer...? I could go on...

  2. they do sell tim tams in canada. i've only ever found them at the super wal mart down the street and only in 3 flavors (original, caramel, and dark)


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