Aussies aren't all bad: VIDEO

Here's the video to accompany this status posted after I returned from Bali and hadn't come across another real human who hadn't come from Australia in over a week. After days of hating I've had to reconsider a bit.

I have to admit, at least Aussies know how to have a hella good time no matter where they are or how empty a bar is, ha. Looking forward to more than 3+ hours of sleep/night though.

It's not the best quality of vlogging but you get the idea.

 It started on New Years eve when some flower power suited men brought some big game to a rather posh place, see here, Potato Heads. They were "heaps of" fun. No one was dancing, and the rain was sort of a damper, but I said to them, "get your people, we can start this dance party." And we did. Everyone in their suits, nice dresses etc started dancing their hearts out in this field in the rain to ring in the New Year. We then all jumped into the pool, fully dressed and swam.  Epic? One of my best NYE.

Then in Kuta Bali after experiencing the scum of the earth, I met some folks who weren't half bad. They had at least half a brain given that they were studying med and engineering and we got along well. Started the night off with Sake bombs and didn't end till my flight the next morning. It wasn't the end though. They were coincidentally passing through Jakarta and brought the fun times along to this city. Forget the snobbiness here, we had so much fun dancing at Bats. Although I hated how obnoxious and ogre like Aussies were I developed a small appreciation for their love of life and care-free attitudes.  


Humorous Series of Events

Ell: Hey guys, let's take off our shirts! I'll help you.
Boys: Yea, great idea! We're awesome!

 Immediately security descends on us.

Security at Bats just not impressed. Boys feeling proud and Aussie for being big and beautiful. Later we try to jump on a table to dance (standard really) and a similar series of events happens. The End. 

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A bit of indie-tastic sounds because that's what I imagine when I think of Aussies.

Oh Mandy-Spinto Band.mp3 




  1. Ooh! What's the song you use in the video that's like "you can do what you want, let's go to sleep" sung by a female singer? I feel like I've heard it before.

    As for new clubs etc, the scene is dying out and all the cool places are bars around Queen and Ossington etc. Double Deuce is good, and Unlovable which I went to on Friday...old arcade games and stuff (

    I would say we should party when you get back, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, haha!

  2. I know I already sent audrey the mp3, but for others the music is first: Mando Diao's The Shining and second is The Suzan's Home

    dl here:

    Toronto dying out doesn't surprise me..i've never felt very alive there.. but yea we should def party when I come back as long as your ready for the three or four course meal of good times: pre-game --> club --> after party --> after-after party? haha jk..sort of

  3. Thanks again! I jam to it in the car.

    Haha, well it's not all bad, just the clubbing portion is very gino out of towner 905-ish. I haven't gone clubbing in awhile. I don't know if it's age or the people I hang out with, but lounges are better for music and sitting down. Or bars where there's dancing in the back.

    There was this interesting article in Now Magazine last week, actually:,20,2011


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