Travel Junkie Graduate Settles Down in Jakarta

The Travel Junkie Graduate Settles Down in Her New Life

So after ranting about how over university I was and I couldn't wait to travel and discover every facet of my lover's body aka the world (read I Hate College, here), I've finally landed somewhere in the planet. I've moved to Jakarta, Indonesia for the next 6 months to do an internship with the UN. Neat-o! In 5 hours my first day of adulthood starts and I am super nervous yet here I am blogging like a foo' because my sleeping schedule is mega screwed up. I'm going to be vexed tomorrow morning. This is the first long term job I will try out that isn't waitressing to save up for traveling. Anyways, here's a little peak into my life, where I live and what I've bought to help ease the loneliness of moving to a new place. I promise more substantial post on how crazy awkward religion is here, tomorrow (update: that didn't happen).

The cheerful alley I live in. Only bikes can fit through here, it's nice, quiet and cute! Ps. those are the brogues I got for wicked cheap while shopping in Kuala Lumpur!

But beware, by night this becomes Jurassic Rats Park. The small alley is suffocating and the gigantic rats are too close to your feet for comfort. Every rentree for me is a mad sprint through the obstacle course of racoon rats... And these bastards don't get scared! I'm working different techniques, but last night I tried to make noise and instead of running away, it ran towards that was a mad fail.

The front entrance of where I live! Looks jazzy eh?'s a solid okay. No kitchen, no window, no hot water, nor microwave or fridge..hmm it's basic but at least I have lots of internet. yaay. It's a boarding house, known as a Kost Kosan in Indonesian. There are mad rules like they lock the door at 11 pm and I have to call the ever smiling manager named Budi. I know Budi and I are going to have mega awkward moments when I go bump in the night and come back at 5 am...

I got brave today and bought a CHEETAH VEST for 7 dollars. More on shopping in Jakarta to come. It's actually all there is to do here. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work without looking like Tarzan.. I'm optimistic.

OmGaGa, flower hat? I thought I couldn't resist, but I did. I don't regret it. Semangi mall rules. More to come.

My workplace seen from the street I live on. Sweetness, 2 minute walk to work.

Yea, I planned my outfit for work tomorrow, whuddup? Also bought today. Anyways, that's the sliver of my life in Jakarta so far. I've got my place, my job, some cool clothes, some pet rats. I'm really damn excited to live here now. I found some wicked sushi for cheap and I found out Tiga is playing in the next couple weeks. I was really thinking Jakarta was rotten, but.. I think it's going to be a good 6 months after all. Okay, i'm off to bed. I'm so dumb. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a slow day, people still celebrating Eid and all that and I just have to do UN safety tests. Score.

More interesting shizzle tomorrow. xoxoxo (ps. Gossip GIRL in Paris on Monday, way too excited for life.


  1. hey im a new IR grad- just arrived in Jakarta to intern with the UN for 6 months too, i can see your blog becoming my most tapped website! thanks girl.

  2. i hope so! what sort of questions would u like answered about jakarta? I'm thinking of doing a post on how to live on a UN Intern Stipend in Jakarta...

    also, contact me..maybe we work in the same building.


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