The Graduate/ I Hate College

Dedicated to all whose eyes have bled from studying                       

  Dear World,

  I wanted to write you a small note to let you know that I have finally left my long time partner for you. You know I have been thinking of you even when I could not be in your cold and hot, nebulous embrace. You know how these things are, responsibilities, burdens, I couldn't just pack up and leave even when my heart was screaming yes. My mind told me I couldn't, I had to leave on good terms. And that's why I'm writing you, my love, my passion, my everything.

 I am here, World! I am free. My heart, my soul and my body will never be occupied by that wench of a university that sucked my youth and sanity away from me for the last 5 years. Don't get me wrong, we were in love at first. Yet, I always had a feeling that I wasn't following my heart by doing international relations. All was good at first but the truth is that I knew I was destined for something more. And you have helped me find that.  From the moment I discovered what you had to offer in Paris on my third year exchange, you sparked something that had died inside me and made me yearn for more. I became addicted to you, you drew me to Russia, Thailand, Laos and so many more places. My relationship with Robarts started to falter, people started to talk. They knew I wasn't being faithful, that Robarts, the University Library needed so much more of me. But I couldn't do it, World. I was constantly thinking of you. When I was in  soul-sucking arms of Robarts study room, I was busy looking up ways to see you again, constantly on flight sites and travel guides.  By the end I wanted to set fire to her paintings, throw coffee into the computers, throw a bookshelf down the stairs.. Don't be scared, I never did it, but wow did my imagination soar. World, if you could fit into a library during exam period you would've had a hurricane. This last year it had become more obvious than ever that Robarts and I were not doing well. I was leaving 2 weeks/month to get out of the grasp, and I have paid the consequences. My grades have paid.

But Wednesday night was our final show down. At 10 pm, on April 7th I FINISHED MY LAST EXAM OF UNIVERSITY EVER. I am free, World, and I am yours. I cannot wait to see you again. Are you excited? I am in love and I want to write about you every day. I am so happy because I don't have to secretly squeeze you in between bouts of frantically studying, or procrastination breaks. I am all yours, at least for the summer, and I cannot wait to write and document all the coolest and hippest things you have to offer. Are you ready, World?

Paris, Montenegro, Barcelona, Greece is where we'll meet. April 24th I leave this dementor of an establishment and the city it resides, forever. April 24th I am going to Paris, and to take on all the new challenges of what life has to bring as a new graduate. I am looking for a job, World, but as long as I find it in your deepest and scariest, or actually anywhere in your depths I am willing to do it.

See you soon, World!

In loving memory of my time in Robarts. Chagrin, Bonheur, but mostly Tears. Goodbye. 
Dedicated to all the students out there ripping their hair out and bleeding from their eyes from all the studying they're doing. Follow the lead of NYU Law Library and see how they relieve stress. To my U of T compatriots...this NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN ROBARTS.


Here's to not being a kid anymore...
I've posted this on Facebook in the summer and I can't believe that it doesn't have over a billion views yet on Youtube.  Such beautiful and creative people in this world, it makes my heart feel lighter and will help you too. Also sad I can never bring as much happiness to the world with my hands as this guy has brought for me.


  1. I love this post so much i come back and read it again and again!!! ^^

  2. Great post ! Wish my eyes weren't bleeding anymore...

    Keep on rockin' Lil'Fel !

  3. Thanks guys, happy studying and clotting the blood in your eyes lol!


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