Indie Guide to Bangkok: Vintage and Local Shopping

High-waist jean shorts, less than 300 Baht ($10) at Chatachak.

Don't waste your money in shopping centres. Check out Thai markets where you can get pimpin' cool clothing, almost as cool and cheap as in Hong Kong. Remember, negotiate everything (as detailed in the Tips to not Getting Ripped Off). After living in Bangkok for the summer as the unpaid intern I still found ways to load my closet with new clothing. As always, knowing how to be cheap is knowing what cheap is. Below I tried to give you some examples of prices my amour and I have paid for standard pieces of clothing. Good Luck and happy shopping!

Chatachak Weekend Market (JJ): At the end of the metro line and a bit far, but by far the best market for hip clothing. Be sure to bring lots of water and to have used the bathroom before entering into the hot sweaty mass of stalls. Trust me though, it is well worth it. You will find crazy vintage stores with stuff from Japan and truly old north american wear. The best part is the myriad of small indie designers that go there during the weekend to sell their original work, such as funky T-shirt designs. If you are looking for just cheap clothing there are soo many cute dresses to be found for under $5. It will take you all day to get through this gigantic market but if you like to shop you will come out one happy (wo)man. Also, eat food there! I've had some of the best and unique Thai food at this market. Make sure you go in the centre of the market and try something different from the usual Pad Thai! Gosh I miss this place..

Siam Square: Across from the giant shopping centre in the centre of Bkk, you can go there anytime of the week for shopping. The clothes are cool, but there is much less selection and it tends to be a bit more expensive. Oh well, it beats shopping in the mall.

Lumpini Night Market: Didn't go there myself but I heard it is amazing for clothing and also has a great ambiance for food and drinks and such. I was told by some Thai girls that it is better to go in groups of three, that way you can get many more discounts when you buy more.

MBK Centre: This is near Siam Square. It is a shopping centre but by no means does it have a corporate commercial feeling to it. You can go there for electronics (it is NOT cheaper to get it there than North America), all sorts of cool household items, fake video games, cell phones and souvenir stuff. There is a bit of clothing there but it's not that great.

*Remember! Learn Thai numbers and bargain for everything (read 6 Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off) The more you buy the cheaper it will be!

Music: Japanese Electro

Not Thai, but they are the Japanese Electro group I introduced you to in the Paris posting. I can't get enough.


  1. Hey Felicia, ( maxime from facebook )
    tomorow I'll be in Bangkok for 3 days, I think I'll have a look at these markets in Bkk.

    Thanks :)

  2. Good Luck! Tell me how the recommendations go!

  3. What an awesome blog you've got here!
    A friend and I will be in Thailand for 45 days May-June and will definitely visit some of the markeds and check out the bars and clubs you've recommended.
    So thanks for the guidance.

  4. You will have the best time/shopping of your life! my bangkok clothes are holding up so well in paris and it costs nothing at all!

  5. Sort of a dumb question but is the weekend markets only on weekends? I hope not, I'll only be there for zheee weekdays!


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