The Narcissism of Bloggers and My New Year's Resolution

I've finally done it. I've created my first blog! I know you must think I'm some 13 year old 'newb' on the web here to post pictures of my emo haircuts and boyfriends, or a numb, divorcee trying to keep it hip as my crow's feet take away my youth. The truth is I'm just a university student who took 4 years to jump on this web logging wagon. I just had so many misconceptions about them, I was constantly deterred...

First, I found (find?) the whole idea a bit narcissistic, don't you think? I'm writing to you (whoever you are) and I expect you to read about a complete stranger's insight. Besides music and fashion blogs, or the blog by Nicholas Kristof of the New York times, I find it hard to see the appeal.. Believe you me, this is the year I expand my web horizons.

Second, I've held a bias towards blogs. I've always assumed that they are just an extension of a bunch of attention deprived emo kids' journals where they pore their hearts into this empty abyss that is the internet. Or just something that backpackers or exchange students HAVE to do. I admit on my own exchange in Paris, I was tempted to record my every party, thought, or cultural insight, but the

narcissism of it all drove me to stick to my personal journal (and facebook of course!). In retrospect, I'm so silly, it would have been so useful to all my friends who would visit Pareee after meeee.

Third, Facebook. With the ability for pictures, status updates and facebook notes (for when you're feeling extra interesting) what purpose does a blog serve? Except the cover of anonymity if you choose...or back to the narcissism theme: a larger potential reader base to tap, I had not seen the point.

Yet despite all my misgivings about the ol web log business, I've embraced the narcissism that comes with blogging and I've made it my New Year's Resolution to start something different!

Although I travel a lot, it will be more than just a travel blog. Although I love innovative electro and indie music, it will not be just a music blog. Despite the difficulties of having a long distance relationship from Toronto to Paris, it will not become my online diary. I'm a little girl with a big story and a lot of insight for those, like me cannot sit still in within their borders.

Details of a blog that will rock your world coming up soon!

As for now, I need to get some sleep! After 2 back to back all nighters and a book report on Violence against women in armed conflict that I haven't even found or started yet due tomorrow, I AM épuisée.

Bonne Nuit!


  1. Please dont mix french and english within a single sentence, it's just pretentious and irritating

  2. lol I will take a second to help our oh so irritated reader:

    epuisé: exhausted, worn out.

    Pretentious? Meh.
    Irritated? Use an internet dictionary or get over it.


  3. From the sounds of it, Lil'Fel is far from pretentious. I think she's a broke-ass traveler on a mission.

  4. I randomly stumbled across your blog and i'm really digging it- it's so rad!! I will *hopefully* be starting an exchange to Australia this time next year so you gotta go there first to hook me up with cheap shops and eats haha

  5. thanks Chelsea!! For the first time in my life I have a small urge to go to australia. Where will u be going? I think Melbourne tempts me the most and I think is the most like Toronto.

  6. My first choice is in Melbourne (I've heard great things!) and my second and third choices are in Sydney. Either way, it'll be my last sem so I'd love to go to Thailand after and travel until I run out of money haha- so if all goes according to plan I should defs consult your Thailand posts!


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