Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Buy Concert Tickets in Paris

Top 6 Places to Buy your Concert Tickets in Paris

A former highschool mate was in Paris recently and asked me a pretty basic question, "How can I buy tickets to the Morning Benders while in Paris," I realized, although I had been to many shows, I hadn't been the one to pick up the group's tickets and I was stumped. Anyways, after asking around the friend circle, here is the list of sites and ways to buy concert tickets online or in person. Cheers to making life easier.

Eager beaver best friends dressed up for Ed Banger Show in Paris. Love. (Photocredit: the Camero- Scope) 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Indie Guide to Indonesia Partying: Immigrant Club Review

Indie Guide Clubbing Jakarta: Immigrant Review
Avoiding the Prostitutes is Expensive

If you don't want a place full of hookers and/or easy girls trying to escape poverty by hanging all over old western dudes + fun music, Immigrant is the place to be. Believe me, in Southeast Asia and especially in Jakarta that is rare and thus a pretty darn good reason to go.  It's a sad truth, but if you're whiteish you can pick up super easily, which may sound awesome at first, bros, but after a while, it sucks. According to ex-pat veteran friend, Coran, 'It gets tiring to be used constantly, to buy her every drink, and frankly to have it be so darn easy to get some ace.' (mega paraphrasing, he didn't say it so obnoxiously). At Immigrant though, the crowd isn't trashy, the girls are as self-respecting as any Western country (which is not forcĂ©ment very high. Just add 4 cups alcohol and mix with 1/2 tsp of Game and voila! The perfect recipe of Easy anywhere around the world!). This place is as classy as it gets around the city though, despite the occasional girl slithering up the poles and trying to dance acrobatically. It happens.

The flip side of this coolness is that some may consider it pretentious. The crowd is filled with wealthy locals and expats who don't need yo' money and as in every classy place people are there to see and be seen. Occasionally folks were trendy but the majority are actually just trying to show off expensive designer labels (massive Chanel labels on purses which is just tacky). Good thing is that the music is a mix of fun dance beats mixed with electro sounds and people definitely break it down.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Travel Junkie Graduate Settles Down in Jakarta

The Travel Junkie Graduate Settles Down in Her New Life

So after ranting about how over university I was and I couldn't wait to travel and discover every facet of my lover's body aka the world (read I Hate College, here), I've finally landed somewhere in the planet. I've moved to Jakarta, Indonesia for the next 6 months to do an internship with the UN. Neat-o! In 5 hours my first day of adulthood starts and I am super nervous yet here I am blogging like a foo' because my sleeping schedule is mega screwed up. I'm going to be vexed tomorrow morning. This is the first long term job I will try out that isn't waitressing to save up for traveling. Anyways, here's a little peak into my life, where I live and what I've bought to help ease the loneliness of moving to a new place. I promise more substantial post on how crazy awkward religion is here, tomorrow (update: that didn't happen).

The cheerful alley I live in. Only bikes can fit through here, it's nice, quiet and cute! Ps. those are the brogues I got for wicked cheap while shopping in Kuala Lumpur!