Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Diary Exposed: Greenland Trip With Explorers!

Um, I'm Going to Greenland? (Unpublished old stuff from 9 years ago because why not)

In the summer of 2008, the ex bf told me for our anniversary that we would going to Greenland because his dad is a bit obsessed with the north poles (yes, there is more than one pole). Also, there was a solar eclipse that we were going to see with a bunch of Scandinavian scientists and north pole adventurers, which was best viewed in the north. NDB. Waitressing a whole year to save up to study abroad in Paris was as adventurous as I thought my life would/could be, so NEVER IN A GABILLION LIGHT YEARS WOULD I HAVE IMAGINED GOING TO GREENLAND WITH EXPLORERS. Caps lock was not an accident. Pinch yourself for 'Is this real life?' moment.  Anyways, this was pre-blog in the age of real live writing in my (geeky gasp) diary. 

July 27, 2008

I can't describe how excited I am for this trip. First of all, the things we will be experiencing are unreal. Secondly, the people we will be travelling with are all exceptional. And thirdly, we be travelling in stylez. All of it makes me feel as if this is a dream, but in a way  I know exactly how real it is and just can't wait to take it on. 

Was too excited to sound excited, but really,  I couldn't breath or stop smiling. 

The Amour slash ugly partner in crime. 

Wiseman: One of the great characters of this trip. An old Danish scientist who was so smart and always had something about his youth to share..‎"Look here... when I was young, I had trouble sleeping, so I opened up my french lesson book, and boum... hohoho"

Ibrahim. Another great guy from Dubai. "I'm not leaving until i've jumped into the water! Who's coming with me!?!" He was obsessed with skinny dipping. 

Sasha, cool Russian guy. No one seemed to know what he did or who he was...mysterious.

Mike McDowell: A real modern day adventurer. Goes diving in the arctic and antarctic in Russian submersibles, has a company that will shoot you almost to space. Crazy Aussies. 

The rest of the team comprised of some French documentarians, more explorers and scientists. 

And lastly, our ride. No roads between cities meant mad air time, baby! Now to start the trip. 

Ninja jump next to glaciers!