Sunday, March 16, 2014

Indie Guide Bangkok Nightlife: Thong Lor & Ekkamai

Finding Toronto in Bangkok in Thong Lor
Two years in Asia and I wouldn't be lying if I said I could not find anywhere that channeled Toronto vibes. You know what I'm talking about? Remember my stint in Ossington, with the ol' amour?  The street art, the small dive bars, the smell of interesting people doing interesting things ( not the stench of carefully cultivated authenticity that Jakarta struggles to hide)..

Praise da lord! Bangkok has an alley with awesomeness too! 2bhonest, I was shocked to find such a culture enclave in a city known for lady boys and red bull buckets in the street (you literally drink alcohol out of a bucket). Yes, yes, I too sold my soul deep into the depths of soi 11 pail drinking and trashy partying long ago,  resigning  my boy Coran's Kolour Sunday event as the sole reprieve from the sloppy college like goodtimes that Levels and RCA provided.

But now my eyes have been opened wider than your mama's booty. 

Where to go
I absolutely recommend Sukumvit 51 in Thong Lor and Ekkamai for this Toronto secret goodness. It's no secret to my friends living here but I am certain it is not the first place people go when they grow their kahunas big enough to venture off Khao San Road. The standard spot seems to be the club called levels on Soi 11, which is fun but definitely not the apotheosis of cool. 

Here are two bars I discovered this weekend:

Tuba Design Store and Restaurant (Ekkamai): Filled with antique furniture, funky nude paintings, super heroes  and no two chairs that are alike. This funky joint is a sit down bar to enjoy with a big group or even as a couple. The music is not obnoxious, the vibe is as comfortable as your living room on a Sunday night with cigars ( oh yea there is indoor smoking). I don't do bars that much, preferring house parties or clubs to shamelessly shake tail, but this place sedates my inner wild child into humble pleasure.

WTF (Thong Lor): small, dim mood lighting, a glowing heart hanging outside (not a cute heart, like a human heart), and a massive Buddah in street art made its way dep into my soul and gave me a pang of Toronto missing. For my friend John visiting from jakarta, he said while we hung outside for a block party (!!) that Bangkok is the coolest city in Asia. I mean when you come from Jakarta it's not a hard standard to beat, but I totally got it. The city is the perfect mix of Jakarta's roughness with Singapore's development. 

Location: thong lor BTS, sukumvit soi 51

Not finished yet
Anyways I'm doing my first blog post through mobile, so please excuse the poor everything. Like why am I even writing at 4am? Update on the work side is that my job and company is damn cool. If you are following on instagram or twitter you saw I got to go to Singapore to do this! He is one of my  favourite street artists from indonesia. Despite doing awesome shiz, I  am feeling more and more like an adult (I equate this to becoming boring? Which is why I am blogging less?) I dunno, I'll just stop whining now and call the waah-mbulence!

My office in Singapore. Coolest start-up ever letting me brand them with art !

Now that I've woken from my drunken stupor I am excited to help you discover more awesomeness! I met a Japanese artist tonight, he told me there are openings every week (with free food and drinks, for all you interns out there!). Bangkok, you rock the c..lock!