Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Indie Guide Bangkok Nightlife: Kolour Sundays Sunset Party

3 reasons you should ignore your hangover and party at Kolour Sundays aka the best party in Bangkok

Yo World Broskis, after enough fist-pumping with lady boys and/or dancing with sexies to shitty David Guetta the past month, I think I've finally found the raddest party in Bangkok. Think of the ETE D'AMOUR electro parties in Paris along the quai + Singapore's Tanjong Beach Club (minus the Jersey Shoreness) and you can cop a feel of the vibe that Kolour Sundays rocked out.

The concept, created by bkk alt-music pillar Coran Maloney and event organizer Vina Charay (also does French Tuesdays), started out in Coran's old crib where he would throw Sunday parties for his home slices. United in a love for good times and frustrated with the Bangkok status quo, the two decided to get their salt and pepper shakers shakin' and create something delicious for the city to enjoy. The result was a Sunday sunset party that takes place 4-6 times a year in an undisclosed location. In my humble opinion, they got everything right, a rare feat in Southeast Asia. Here's why.

1. The crowd is the best of the Bangkok expat and local scene

This is word of mouth marketing at its strongest. Kolour Sundays attracts cool people doing cool things in the city, and filters the worst-- mud-in-their-toenails backpackers from Khao San road or saggy ball pervs from Soi 11.  As my eye-ball survey can confirm the party was filled with young professionals (a demographic I'm discovering actually may be the best..imagine having the energy of a student with the money of an adult? I couldn't have imagined when i was a graduate. Whoahiwow) to second and third-jobbers. Undoubtedly, this also has something to do with tickets being more than a long island ice tea bucket, going for 500 baht. It even miraculously lacked douchey bro types. I thought it was impossible to escape those, as we know from the super hype, yet douche bag infiltrated Dim Sum Dance Parties in Toronto.

People were casual, laid back yet extremely stylish. A mighty big difference from Jakarta or Singapore where an attempt to do the same would just stink of Eeau de T'ry too Hard. People, particularly women, could rock their jeans and flats at Kolour and look perfect, not needing to teeter around on useless heels for some dress code, enforced for the sake of its own enforcement. (Sidebar: One might say that Lucy in the Sky is the Jakartan answer to the prevailing laughable style code, but I assure you it is not yet there. While it's the best Jakarta has got, there's the scent lingering of attempted pretentiousness that just feels desperate, read more here).

Oh heyy. I was a bit hungover so excuse my simple style attempt! I just went with a comfy summer city look. I rocked my vintage boots from Toronto's Good Will (8 bucks), blue patterned dress from Chatuchak Market (10 bucks), vintage Ray Bans and my pink purse from H&M for my beloved colour splash. 

The only discernible dresscode was sunglasses and that was enforced by the SUN. God, I love Southeast Asia. 

This shirt needs to be in my life. 

Dutch guys being tall.

2. Daytime drinking along the river while the sun sets is unbeatable

I arrived at Viva Aviv, an open air bar along the river, at about 4pm and faster than a snake's tongue my main man Coran Maloney was liquoring me up with vodka shots wielded expertly from his secret stash behind the dj booth. Hair of da dawg! My 7 am finish the night before lost relevancy and my body operating systems resumed full service. I became ready to dance for 12 hours straight (which indeed happened).  As a Canadian, I admit being absolutely partial to drinking in the great outdoors.

And you better love the sun on your face and drink in your veins. At Kolour Sundays you start early (1pm -10pm) and then it continues at the afterparty, which was at Glow this time. It's perfect though, because if you want you can enjoy the whole party and still be in bed by midnight..if turning into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 12 is your main concern, I guess?

Awesome photo by John Lafond Wright from Facebook. 

3. Disco Funk, Minimal, Electro..A riverside reprieve from the mainstream bologne

The subtle confidence that Kolour exudes stems from what makes the difference between a 'meh' party and the sort of party that builds fan loyalty for life, and that's the dedication to the music. I've known Coran since '09 and even though we met at RCA (the human factory of clubbing) when I was an intern for the IOM, we just clicked and have been friends since, rockin' out Bangkok, temples and Full Moon Parties. Now 5 years later, I've moved back to Bangkok and I'm seriously impressed. He has gone on to create one of the best parties in Bangkok! The passage of time is awesome when you see how far your friends have come.

It's no surprise though, this guy has always been dedicated to discovering the most cutting edge sounds. He just needed to get the formula right between music and venue. Boom.

"Bangkok had loads of events and clubs but there was always one or two elements missing. For example they would have underground music but at dark and dirty venues. Or they would have great clubs but the music would be tailored to the mainstream," Coran told me.

And that's what makes the difference with Kolours and try-hard bullshoi (most Jakarta joints except Treehouse) or soulless romping grounds for drunk assholes (Levels in Bangkok). Kolours has AMAZING DJs. Everyone had something different to offer, but my two fav's were Coran and Sunju, who really knew how to get the beautiful people moving. Coran was perfect for setting the summer vibe with disco funk, minimal, electro pop and poolside house early on, while Sunju played you house that made you stop what you were doing and just dance.

Some guy was crowdsurfing? What the hanus? 

Six hours of party later. Then onto the afterparty. 


Kolour Sundays is the rare kind of party that when you're inside it, nothing else matters. Everyone you possibly want to know or talk to is there, the location is perfect and the music makes you lust for nothing else. The holy trinity of party is fulfilled! Whether you've just moved to Bangkok and looking for a different nightlife scene or are just visiting and want to see the heart of the city at its best, come out. Great news if you missed this one. The next one is on January 26th! Thanks so much Coran and Kolour Crew for a wicked as night. Follow along for more updates and photos from the party!

Let the good times roll

Music: Young, Summer Sounds from 18 Year Old Belgian DJ, Henri Pfr

!!! This kid has a great ear. Listen to this mix to feel the summer on your toes. Need to bring this guy for Kolour Sundays. He just gets it especially at 10:30. Shit. It's 4:30 am, I have work in a couple hours but hell, this makes me ready for another dance party. What do you think? 

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