Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Power of Fashion Blogs and My Parisian Gala Crisis

Retro Post from 2009.. ah to be young and in Paris!

A post I had never published from back in the day. No idea why. The blog that inspired me must be of an old friend when she was also starting out (I think!?). In any case, to this day, Camille Over the Rainbow remains one of the few fashion blogs I love. Check it out for the fashion tastes of a half French half British babe.


The year end event of one of the Grande Ecoles of France, the Sciences Po Gala, had finally arrived and I was ghetto and screwed. I was completely hung over from a dinner party involving too much 3 euro wine, the floor had already seen the inside of my stomach twice and on top of it all I had no dress and my head was pounding. Class act, I know. Correction, I had a dress, but it was ripped and I had discovered a stain on it at the last moment, mew. I was feeling royally foutue on a day that I had looked forward to since my first Gala two years prior as an exchange student, where I had to play the mama poule to my inebriated partner instead of rockin' out. This year was supposed to be different but now it was I who was the weakest link. I really didn't know what to do and I was feeling so horrible that I was at the point of giving up on even going. Yet somehow I found a pretty wicked solution.

Rewind a couple days to when I read this fashion blog posting on recycling clothes and making dresses into skirts. Fast forward back to Gala day, to me desparately scrimaging through my friend (savior)'s closet and finding this beautiful white thing I thought was a dress but was told it was a skirt. My heart plumeted because I thought the dress of my dreams was a fraud, until I realized that there was no reason that I couldn't make this rude boi into a dress given the right belt! The revelation and the result had me quite pleased.  I tried to keep it simple with white but needed to jazz it up so added in the electric blue heels I bought in Hong Kong for 5 bucks (best place ever to shop btw).

Anyways, I've never been one to follow fashion so here's my hommage to the world of fashion blogs, especially this one that spiked my throbbing brain with inspiration in my moment of girly desperation before embarking in one of the classiest events of the French student world.

Struggling to overcome the hangover crescendo 

Make-up. Nail polish. Dress. Standing. Win. 


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    1. Aw thanks Judi. As I'm sure you experienced recently...something about Paris makes a gal glow !

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