Thursday, February 9, 2012

Indie Guide Toronto: Lomography Adventures

Or, What in the Seven Seas is Lomography?

Let's not act too cool and pretend that we all know what Lomography is (or do you?).  As my lovely colleagues from Trend Hunter Mag and I cruised into this private party in the utmost vibrant space of the Lomography Toronto store, I'm pretty sure that no one had a clue either, except it had something to do cameras. Duh Captain Obvious. Come hither! Let's embark on a great quest for knowledge.

Well, from what I could spy with my big ol' eyes, the walls were marvellously dressed in kaleidoscopic colours, reminiscent of the exotic jungles of Papua New Guinea.  Upon closer inspection it was actually a giant collage of crazy arse printed photographs. One velociraptor pivot of the head left revealed retro cameras on display, the assumed culprits of this photo wonderland, and another sharp head pivot showcased some of the coolest kids around T Dizzle sitting on the couches eating cheese and drinking free booze (courtesy of Lomography Toronto).

Beyond my internalized dino/pirate fantasies, I felt like I was riding the waves of a hipster's wet dream. Was I excited too? Yes. The store was hotter than Lana Del Rey and wreaked of coolness beyond Lisbeth Salander (ha, impossible). Music was jamming, cute stylish Japanese girls were cuting up the place. But I still just wanted to wrap my brain tissue around a simple question: How was Lomo different from the pictures I take on my shitty pink Canon cam?

After several helpings of free lomo wine (the sweetest of wines for us intern adventurers), I finally turned to this Jesus posed fellow (above) and asked for him to impart his vast knowledge. He told me his name was Shane and he was a manager. That was a good start. My understanding was at 100%. Him and his fellow friend explained that Lomography was a lifestyle. I nod smartly, but I don't get it.

Shane explains that it is mostly printed photographs from an analog cam and not digital. Everything captured in the moment takes on arse loads more significance because you can't delete and modify everything as we narcissistically obsess over with our digi cams in this day and age. A surge of accomplishment and appreciation rise up in me like the tide on a full moon. I get it!  This is a lifestyle that embraces spontaneity, wildness, and cafe-free living. "Don't Think, Just Shoot" is the motto and now I feel like I've found gold. However, to ever truly live this fringe lifestyle that this blog/moi totz embraces, there are the (deep breath)..

10 Golden Rules to Lomography

1. Take your camera everywhere.

2. Use your camera anytime- day or night (thanks Kid Cudi).

3. Lomo is not an interference in your life, but part of it. 

4. Try the shot from the hip.

5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.

6.  Don't think. 

7. Be fast.

8.  You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

9. Afterwards either.


Lomography Toronto
536 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M5V 2B5
(647) 352-6702

Whoah, guys whoah.
Don't sail off into internet distance yet. I'm having an existential crisis. If I didn't have a digital cam, would I be a veritable lomographer too? Aren't all bloggers lomographers in their own way? Or does confused dog face need to make an appearance cuz I actually didn't get it? 

Picture source: Hyperbole and a Half

If you are part of the "getting it" crew or whatever, please feel free to share your lomog-isdom ! Also, learn more about the ins and outs of the coolest spots in every city you rock by following on Facebook and Twitter! Arrrr!


Lastly, a little gift that I have not left in a while. If you want to actually get what it was like to chill in one of the coolest stores in town, listen to this noir sounding Brit Indie Group for mad vibin'. Thanks and till our next adventure!

Claire - Baxter Dury. mp3

Photo credits: Felicia Moursalien/John Ibbitson. Do not use without  proper credit and citation!