Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Vegan Survival Guide to Toronto

Vegan Restaurant Guide from the Perspective of an Angry Meat Eater

Strawberries and Champagne Breakfast in Spain or As Vegan as I Get

Update (April 30,2013) : 
I'm a vegan now. So..yea. The food in Toronto that I tried and wrote about was actually what convinced me to cross the floor. My life only sucked a bit (no chocolate), I lost a bunch of weight, and I feel more energized than ever. Weird. Maybe show this to your hater friends. Miracles happen. 
Follow my instagram for an excess of vegan achievements. 

Disclaimer: I'm a sassy vegan hater who has somehow published a vegan quide to Toronto. This makes no sense. 

Okay, when you're limited by shitty diets like being vegan or vegetarian, it is important to have an oasis of eating in every hood in order to avoid starvation. Therefore, I've enlisted the help of the venerable Vegan John, who is also a disco dj, to point you rabbits in the direction of the best of your vegan restaurant world in Toronto.  For you travellers, this guide is particularly useful because although your spontaneity may be limited by having such a strict diet, at least you can look up the raddest of the faceless food options in an efficient manner! When Vegan John was in Paris he had a rough time with surviving (he obvi didn't know about my Paris Food Guide and the veg places I listed), so I figured this may come in handy, especially when on a budget or as a poor ass student/intern/media kid.  I've somehow had the experience of trying out the vegan way of life because of Johnny boi, but despite the chances of it sucking,  he actually made it not vomit worthy.  Heed his wisdom!

But before we begin, meet John. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Survive Canadian Winter: Ice Skating and Ugly Sweater Parties

This time last year I was having a bbq on a rooftop, swimming with friends and ending it all off in a jacuzzi overlooking Jakarta, Indonesia. Not gonna lie, it was pretty damn hard to miss Canada and its winter at that point while chillin' in a bikini. Thinking about the wretched cold, numb toes and wet socks from walking in the snow, please I don't think anyone could yearn for that.

But now, I'm back in Toronto and to be perfectly honest to you cats all hot in the heat, there is so much charm that comes with living here that I had forgotten. But this past weekend has brought it all back. 

Blades of Glory with Trend Hunter
That's what's been partly responsible for my holiday joy recently. Skating! Have you ever done it? I hadn't in 10 years. But thanks to Fun Day at Trend Hunter Mag at Nathan Phillips' Square, the whole crew went. Um, reasons why to love working for a young, hip start-up. Anyways, lacing up the skates brought back all sorts of Daddy Issues the Canadian Edition- memories of having your dad be the only one could tie your skates up super tight, pickin' your little munchkin body up off the ice every 2 minutes, (unsuccessfully) trying to run away because I was a determined little runt to do it on my own.

This time, what looked like an angel floating down from the heavens was actually me skating. Ha, nah I wish. Picture a new born donkey trying to run for the first time. Mad struggles. But that didn't stop us from trying to recreate Disney on Ice with the Programmers! Also the great thing about working at such a hip place is that everyone looks so good all the time. Obvi had to take pictures.

My programmer twin, Daniel flying on ice.
Little Armi in the middle skating for the second time in her life

Winter Olympics better watch out.

Liv' may have the most beautiful hair I've ever seen, ever.

My intern partner, Teekay, skating like a badass because he plays hockey. Some stereotypes are real.

Ugly Sweater Party or the Best Dressed Event of 2011?

This night was simple and awesome. You know how it goes, too much rum and egg nog + wine never ends well (today was a day of pain). But so worth it.  Mostly because of these Man Highlights of the evening, but also thanks to a great host!

Calling all Crazy Cat Ladies! Hit me up for his number. Also. Note the Xmas bulbs collar! Plenty of Fish profile pic for surreeee.

I know something big when I see it. What may appear to be two douchbags who crashed an ugly sweater party is actually the new lifestyle choice known as BEIGE. Couple wisdom nuggets for this path:

- If it's beige it's not gay
- beige is the new black
- The Beigans do the left hand shake

Beige Wall. I had to modify this picture like mad to be able to see the Beige Man Group hidden against the backdrop.

And while I miss Christmas in Jakarta or Paris, this year in my home town is going to be amazing. I can feel it. Great weekend, can't wait for more to come! Whoah. Next thought: NEW YEARS? Where are you spending yours? And what's the best place in the world that you've had?

Anyhoo Happy Holidays everyone!