Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things to do at Hallowe'en: Zombie Walks

 When the Dead Come out to Play..Tennis?

Okay, not to sound like a necrophiliac, but I've always had an abnormal obsession with the living dead. I suppose it follows the logical order of my interests.  Not sure if you could tell but I'm a pretty big sci-fi nerd cookie, loving the idea of apocalyptic inducing diseases, post apoco societies, disorder, anarchy, politics, human nature studies etc so of course zombie anything has always drawn the me in! Though I must say that I prefer the 28 Days Later zombie story over any other, probably the same reason I love Planet of the Apes, and Oryx and Crake : we crazy humans be the agents of our own destruction in our perennial quest for technological advancement. Hell, the first night I even met my (ex) amour before we started dating, we bonded over zombie role play,  pretending the foggy, scary night outside of the camp grounds we just snuck out of in the French country side were the set of a zombie film. Ooh! The key to my heart!

ANYWAYZ. You can imagine how bloody excited I was when I realized I was in a city that had a Zombie Walk. Toronto. Paris has one too but somehow I find it hard to imagine French kids dropping their cool capes enough to really pull off the ugly grunginess of the zombz. In this article people complain about the French getting too drunk all the time and hanging out at the bars haha. If you can comment on the nature of the Paris version, please do!

Despite my excitement, I was in a bit of a dilemma. The rain had let up after a week straight and I was just dying to play tennis too. Only the most obvious solution struck me and that was to play zombie tennis in Trinity Bellwoods Park! Duh rahhreehhhee* !

*zombie translation

Here are a couple pics from the march.

 While Tennis a la mort vivant was fun , it was hard to take myself seriously. Especially with all the groans of the dead echoing around the park, it was damn and delightfully distracting, sorry Cindy! Toronto you are too cool sometimes. 

Eat the ball boy? Attack the weak and small

Somehow the little tyke was unperturbed by my menacing swagger

Now THIS could give you the shivers. Hundreds of zombies marching past us, see the fresh blood of tennis players and suddenly rush the fence, climbing it and groaning for our flesh. It was actually frightening, I felt like I was in the Walking Dead (show not comic) and reality and fiction lines were way too blurry!!

Best zombie that day at Bellwoods. Not necessarily how she dressed but the way she dragged her leg behind her, the distant look in her eye, the slow bend of her neck as she walked around. She was freakin into it and for that she has my love forever.

 Zombie Bloggers, Lauren O'Nizzle and Casie Stewart. Check out their pictures from the day that included more than tennis!

Political zombie farmers even showed up! It should have read "Zombies feed (on) cities".  Anyways, that concludes that deadly awesome day. I had to go into work (I'm serving to save money atm) a couple hours later and although I begged them to let me serve customers all dead like, my managers didn't want me eating our customers for dinner. Seriously dudes, if you're lucky enough to be in a city where the living become dead the Saturday before Hallowe'en, don't procrastinate. Throw on some fake blood and your limpy swagger and march!


List of Cities with Zombie Walks

Ps. I'm going to be on TV tonight (Tuesday 8:30 on Rogers Channel- canadian only) because I was interviewed. SOO EXCITED. SO COOL.  Please watch and tell all your compadres!