Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Special Cover Letter for 3 Monkeys

3 Reasons Why I Would Be the Next Great Monkey

Dear Mr. ***,

First, I’d like to take a second to thank you for responding to me on Twitter. Congratulations on the new job at 3 Monkeys, as I tweeted I am also intensely motivated to find work within such a fun and dynamic company. Because we’re all busy media people, I took it upon myself to make this cover letter more interesting so I made a blog posting!  Not to mention it will be more efficient with all the references right at your finger tips.  Anyways, below I wanted to swing you through three reasons why I’m worth hiring at 3 Monkeys or at least thinking about a little bit more.

1) I have an unexploited skill in the Jungle
People like what I create. I recognize the importance of creating fun and engaging content for today’s A.D.D media consumer and through my blog, Lil’Fel Rocks the World, I am adept with deploying this asset with high energy and creativity. As proof of my success, readers of my blog spend quite a bit of time on it. I have higher than average times according to Google Analytics, with up to 4-5 minutes per posting. Although many of my readers are not in direct demand of my product (the country/city guides) they have nonetheless become invested in the brand I've established and as a result consume the content regardless of the subject; an asset that may be best maximized in the PR world. Further highlighting the impact of my content development, I was contacted by MTV regarding the possibility of a television show and more recently I was interviewed on Canadian Television for a program called, Start Something Big on Rogers. However, it is important to note that I'm not a one branch chimp. My strong writing capacities, idea creation and strategic mind are transferable to other products and I am absolutely motivated to use all my capacities for the 3 Monkeys’ digital team if given the chance.

2) The Social Media Banana is one I have much experience peeling
Of course, none of that content would have been recognized if it weren’t for my social media strategies. On Facebook I’ve achieved over 1200 Likes- an impressive number for a single community manager of the site, most of which I’ve accomplished through multi-media engagement. I produce engaging status updates, not only promoting personal content but topics that the readership relates to. Furthermore, I liaise with local events management and PR agencies to produce photographic and video media content and thus helping draw their audience to my blog on Facebook. Lastly, I give people reasons to why they should follow on Facebook and Twitter rather than just asking them to do so. When framed in the right way, it has been quite telling to see how effective this approach has been. My practical experience in community management will allow me to make immediate and effective contributions to clients' social media needs for your agency. 

I even like climbing trees! Already a 3 Monkey Brand Ambassador 

3) I am not a monkey on a typewriter
It is not by chance I have come this far. Any experience I lack, I make up for in hard work, high energy and most importantly competence as seen through my academic and non-academic experience. I have worked grueling jobs from the age of 16 to save up for university, succeeding entry at the prestigious Trinity College at University of Toronto and most importantly to send myself to one of the elite institutions in France, SciencesPo Paris as well as obtaining an internship with the UN in Indonesia. Even before university I co-founded and was the editor-in-chief or my highschool paper, which helped gain me admission into the best journalism school in Canada. I am not satisfied with mediocrity and strive to be a leader in anything I undertake. I have worked in the public sphere and now I’m ready for an innovative and creative company that both matches me creatively and fosters ambition. With its independent standing, intimate staff and large year by year growth, I truly believe 3 Monkeys embodies those qualities.

All this is to say that I am dynamic, creative and motivated with the right skills. I know I can make a great fit with your company if you give me the opportunity to become the newest monkey to the team!

Different Jungles: Practicalities
True, I am currently based in Toronto, Canada but I am as flexible as a Chinese gymnast when it comes to mobility, plus that archaic connection known as the Commonwealth makes it fairly easy for a young Canadian professional to gain employment in the UK. I hope it will not be a factor in your considerations. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I may provide you with. Thank you for "hanging around" and reading my application, I hope we may discuss this further in an interview.

Felicia M
(Contact information removed)


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