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Pop Kult at the Gladstone Hotel: Review of LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang

The Politics of Partying: When the Main Act Sucks

Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem vs. Scottish DJ Hal Kilmer

I know we can barely remember if we put our Mustard Yellow or Nantucket Red socks on today, but let's walk our ADD brains back to the weekend for a sec. Can I be perfectly honest with you guys? Okay, I'm going to be perfectly honest. People may have paid to see Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem for Pop Kult #002, but it was the opening Scottish man beast, Ross aka Hal Kilmer who actually gave folks C-4 levels of awesome at the Gladstone last Friday night.

I mean sure it was just Whang's DJ set, but just cuz you're kinda famous and pretty cool doesn't mean you can stop trying to make people shake their bon bons, right?  "Day Time Disco" describes the style of her way slow set (yes, it's actually a thing, pretty groovy stuff too), and is all the rage in New York atm but unfortunately what she played fell as flat as what your stomach didn't look like post multiple Thanksgiving dinners.  In the end, what was left of Hal Kilmer's high voltage crowd resembled obese men trying to do the robot in a bowl of Jell-O as the vibe was drastically slowed..down... for... Ms.Whang. Whoah. The effort of slow motion must have been too much as the crowd waned and ducked out early to the afterparty (turkey dinner cooked by the Mansion boys probably had something to do with it as well though).

So What's the Deal? 
Arguably, the 24 year old Hal Kilmer perhaps should have played a slower set in order to not upstage the main act. There were murmurs that it was a bit heavy for what the night was supposed to be, but I'd have to disagree. It was pretty much thanks to Ross that Pop Kult #002 remained the event I've come to absolutely adore in the city, helping pull a great crowd and throwing down surprisingly good tracks to rock out to all while still incorporating the disco theme. What's more, he worked jiggity darn hard to do so too. I recently (at the last Pop Kult actually) befriended the straightfaced Scot' and saw a microcosm of the hours he put into gathering songs that would get that crowd pumped up. My new fav' is posted below. Here's a mini interview from Toronto Blogger Lauren O'nizzle. See? Look how keen he is.

Booking and organization had a part to play too. Nancy Whang just has a different sound and wasn't prepared to play the crowd that anxiously awaited her. Originally, The Mansion had managed to score Tiger Love slash the king of my heart right now (singers of Pussy Cocaine, duh), but the British trio apparently has some shart stained management that weren't able to get their visas sorted in time for their Toronto date.  Secondly, one might say that given Hal Kilmer's high energy style, his place in the line up probably wasn't ideal to support Whang, making transition a bit rough. There are openers and there are closers, Ross is a closer.

But hell, you know what? To quote Kanye, that sh*t's whack (or is it cracked?). Whang is a veteran musician who has been touring for a while. If she saw the direction of the crowd and did nothing to adjust to the flow of the night as any good performer/musician would, that's her fault. Maybe inflated egos/paycheques asphyxiate room for flexibility and flow. I mean, apparently she livened up a bit later but I don't know. Also, what did Toronto do to piss her off? She had no energy nor stage presence while up there and I felt confident I'd see a unicorn before I'd see a smile on her face.  I guess enthusiasm is hard to fake. And was that a dirty look I got while dancing before she came on? *Sigh.  On the flippy,  Hal Kilmer used more than his doe eyes to get the crowd going. He was up on stage jammin' out and feeding the crowd his enthusiasm like it was fresh haggis. Seriously, this kid handed the warmed up, rosy cheeked scene over to Whang on a golden platter and she dropped it.

Anyways, enough pointless analyzing (which I love to do), for partyers it's all about how good we feel in a night. Ultimately, when it comes to DJ sets specifically, people don't really care about the big names if they don't use their musical ear talents to help them towards the best night of their life. Moi, I loved Friday night. What I said before still stands and is magnified. Pop Kult is one of my fav' events in the city at the moment and I'm uber looking forward to the next one on November 4th with Gigamesh. Huge thanks to Mansion and for adding high levels of radness to Toronto!

Remember team T Dizzle, this is just my humble opinion. What the jazz do I know about events? I just love going to good ones.  Think differently? Baller. C'mon now, don't be shy. Share!

 CTS Vintage + Bloggers Pic!

My Gay Boyfriend not loving the Whang this time. 

Russel Brand sighting! Just Kidding! That's just an immigrant Aussie trying

Brother Ross = Bross

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Music that Rocked my Night

Never heard this before Hal Kilmer busted it out!

Download: Generate the Heat- Foamo.mp3

Download: Cooler Coleur- Crookers (Feat. Yelle).mp3

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