Monday, September 19, 2011

Indie Guide Nightlife: French House Electro in Toronto

Where to Find French House and Electro in Toronto + Wicked French Playlist

Okay fine, I'll admit it. I have an affinity for all things French, goddamn. I can't help it though. I spent the best year of my life on exchange at the ScPo, and now I'm waiting on my visa so I can start my baller' media and communications job in gay ol' Paris. I'm just jonesin' for the culture while here in Toronto.  And while that makes me a bit of a floater loser it has given me superhero powers! Seriously. I can gravitate to anything in the city related to Frenchness.

Sort of.

The DJs Nicolas and Steven (Photo cred: Franco Deleo)

Recently I was pulled to a cool, cozy bar in Ossington where you can listen to the classics of French Electro and house like Daft Punk and other Ed Banger super stars the third Wednesday of every month. The bar is Unlovable and the event is called Soirée LXXXVI with a great crowd of those 20 somethings who dress cool without trying too hard. Rock n' Roll.

It's normally headed by Toronto DJs Steven Manning and Nicolas Pilaprat but the upcoming event on the 21st will have guest DJ slash magic fingers Josh Chong bustin' the tunes alongside Steven. Go for a pint or two, flirt a little with the cuties and maybe shake ton derriere if the mood strikes you as hard as Napolean struck Europe. Seriously kids, it's probably the coolest thing you can do with this one Wednesday night of the month.

A plus tard!

1415-B Dundas St West, 
Toronto, ON M6J1Y8

Wanna know what it's like to party in Paris? Listen to this mini list

This is "not a party"  with les meufs in Paris

French Musique Playlist
 I wish I was a DJ so I could play these songs..or maybe I'll just request them through my blog! Excited to see you guys!

1. Hit Pop- Numero.mp3
Just want to start dancing and French kissing to this Kitsune produced artist. An oldie but goodie.

2. Gio Gio-Tiger Love.mp3
I'm obsessed. They're a London electro synthy trio featuring a French lady. Amazing. Plus they're coming to Gladstone in October!!

3. Drugs in my Body- Thieves Like Us.mp3
A classic in Paris. More chill.

 4. Homecoming (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)- The Teenagers.mp3
Gentlemen Drivers are some sick djs in Paris who do a wicked remix of this Teenagers song.

5. Sur la Planche- La Femme.mp3
Funky pop electro song with a surfer feel

6. Je veux te voir- Yelle.mp3
This is probably not the most well known Yelle song amongst anglophones but it is certainly a must know amongst your French friends.

Have you ever ate French cheese while having a ménage à trois? Me neither, but it's probably not more satisfyingly French than following this blog on Facebook and Twitter . Oui monsieur!


  1. yo feliz! nice blog!

    i was wondering if you could write about/comment about two things:
    1 - have you ever gone couchsurfing/would you recommend it?
    2 - do you have any tips for solo lady travel? i'mma be traveling by myself for the first time ever and it's making me hella nervous!


  2. sup Anjo,

    1-I haven't done couchsurfing but i've heard good things from ppl when i was thinking of trying it a while back.

    2- no special lady advice that you wouldn't practice in ur own hood - keep ur head up, watch what you wear at certain times of night. keep a mean face on when in rough areas, don't sleep on the street. it does depend where ur going though?

  3. i wish you had time to create a style blog...looking through pictures on this blog, all i can think is that your clothes are bangin'!

  4. dude, that's like the nicest thing ever. thanks. i was thinking that I need to start a i guess style would come out more than written content.. hmm!!

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