Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indie Guide Nightlife TORONTO: Pop Kult at the Gladstone Hotel

Newest Toronto Event at the Gladstone is One of the Best Yet

 Photo credit: Felicia Moursalien 

Take the mad chill and good looking folks from those dim sum dance parties my blog has been deep fried in recently and boil in sexy location and you have probably one of the raddest new parties around. That location is the Gladstone Hotel. The night that made me a believer is called Pop Kult, a new event thrown by and The Mansion.

I hadn't realized the heart shaped hole in my soul until I showed up at the Gladstone. Location seriously makes all the difference. Whereas Happy Endings, thrown in a crazy restaurant in China Town gives it a super underground vibe, rockin' out at the newly renovated scene spot, the Gladstone, with its subtle but classy decor and well lit brown tones made me feel like I could be partying in Paris. I also realized I'm a huge believer in good lighting. It holds everyone accountable for not looking like/making out with dirt turds (even Konrad put on a striped sweater!)

 Girls travel together in the bathroom so they can take pics together, duh.

Of course the music was a mega huge factor as well. They had djs from RAC playing most of the night and they busted out a very "dancey" (merci Thomas) set, remixing electro hits from Cut Copy to adding their own flare to pop tunes. It doesn't hurt that the djs were ridiculously gorgeous, fitting them in perfectly with the electro disco ambiance kinda thang.

I know I have a tendency to jump on the golden eagle of excitement and fly away to the moon, but honestly cats, throwing an event at the Gladstone + good music + the cool following these guys have brings you to the kind of soiree full of sexy funkiness without pretension that gets my heart beating. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the next one, but I probably won't be in Toronto anymore, so please party hard for me!

NEW INFO: I just found out TIGER LOVE IS GOING TO BE AT THE NEXT ONE IN OCTOBER. Do you know how long I've been waiting to see these guys?? I'm turning into a super hero called Mega Jealz !!! Pussy Cocaine is not Under Control. Gio gio! I'd postpone my flight to Paris for this.

Photo credit: Felicia Moursalien
RAC doing their thing

ps. I took some of the pics for the event! I used my toy camera so excuse the non-pro star stuff of it, but hey you get to see the point of view of a person partying with the crowd rather than standing outside of it, non? Plus it was my first time photographing for someone who wasn't me. Here are some of them. The rest can be found on Facebook.

Photo credit: Felicia Moursalien

Photo credit: Felicia Moursalien
Immigrants at a party, always a good sign.
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