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Indie Guide Nightlife: 3 Rad Hip Hop Nights in Toronto

 Hip Hop Parties Where you Don't Need Diamond Grillz to Fit in (unless it's ironic?)
What the hell do I know about hip hop? Probably as much as I know about making my booty clap and let's just say if a bow legged, curled spine grandma and I got into a competition I would get pwned, so yea. That doesn't stop me from kind of loving the opportunity to try to swagger and wine to Young Money and Kanye once in a while and I'm finding out in Toronto there are mad fun places to do that.

Seriously, I'm way into dancing like a bird that can't fly to electro and indie rock but damn girl, sometimes I want to feel my legs cramp up from shakin' my healthy butt to hip hop. It sucks though because the clubs in Toronto where you find that scene is typically filled with dumb broads who listen to Kiss 92 and aggressive dudes who like to hang out their window and drool like you're Dr. Heiter's sweet three dog. That's why I've been totally surprised in a joyous way that I've found somewhere to bust it out with a super cool crowd.

1. The Crawford: Bad Table Manners
The first is an event at the Crawford on College called Bad Table Manners. It's run by the same dudes who do those dim sum dance parties, Happy Endings I've been writing about. I stopped by just for fun and found the line way long and the place at capacity (much to the Mansion dudes' surprise). People are insanely into the hop these days, eh? I don't know if it's becoming more digestible or if I've just grown to love the genre more and more, but the demand for a cool scene to dance it is clearly on the rise. Even in Paris, le Regine,  one of the trendiest spots in the city has started a hip hop night.

Bad Table Manners happens roughly once a month and is a 5 buck cover. There's two levels of music with the main floor playing fun stuff (to my immense pleasure they busted lots of Watch the Throne, which I know many aren't into. I am. Niggas in Paris waat.) and downstairs with less popular stuff. It's nothing hardcore or super legit but a seriously non-pretentious good time with good people. Check out the website for dates.

There are a billion more photos from this dirty night, here!

2. Parts and Labour: Bitch Craft the all girl DJs
Holy god, I just went to this event on Saturday night and it was a throbbing sweaty mass of dance party. Parts and Labour's club area called The Shop will definitely become one of my Queen West Favs but this event went beyond my expectations. The crowd is good looking, not sleazy and the girls come looking to DANCE, which unfortunately I feel is getting lost in the major scene clubs where people go to be seen rather than whip their hair back and forth. The all girl dj crew may not be the most experienced with some rough song transitions but they do know how to feel the crowd out and have an intuition for what people want of the "loud rap music" category. I don't know if it's a girl skill or not but they have a good sense of vibe that many young dj's lack.  Don't come expecting Tyler the Creator or anything top quality, but just fun tunes. I swear I was drenched in sweat after this night and I had not danced like that since a first year Trinity Pub Night (U of T). Maybe that's why someone decided to pull the fire alarm that ended the party early? Yea. Lame them. Oh well we ended up taking pitchers of beer home and continuing our own baller dance party. This event happens once in a while at the Shop and is a 5 buck cover after 11 pm. Before then it's free. There are more nights there, like with White Girls and I look forward to checkin' them out too so I can report back!

3. 751 on Thursday Nights
This is next on my list to check out after reading it on this blog, True Vagabond. Their rap night happens weekly so that's cool and it is known for cheap drinks and a laid back local atmosphere. Stoked.

This is just the beginning. If you know more chill hip hop parties in Toronto, please share so we can go dancing! Blap* Blap* ghetto we are.

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Music: Tyler the Creator

Okay okay, I know this is mega old but this video/artist is worth sharing forever. I heard it a couple months ago and was mesmerized by its darkness. I love his style and his lyrics (even if they're kind of rough). Not your typical hip hop and you probably won't hear much from Odd Future at the spots I recommended, but whatever. I am in love.

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