Monday, August 22, 2011

Self-Loathing Moments: Why don't I have a business brain?

How Can I Make Money from Blogging? 

I'm starting to come to some self-loathing infused realization that I'm not one of those "business types". I want to make money out of blogging but my brightest idea to do so was this:

Art copyright Renan Schneider

Relying on consumer goodwill may have worked for some recording artists to bring in the dollar bills, but all I ended up with was someone hacking my Paypal account and it has been effectively shut down. Bloody hell, Fel.

My plan B then turned to the dumb off-chance that someone will discover me. I thought I had my big break when MTV contacted me about making a show of my blog, but turns out working with Vice to
make a travel show was more appealing. Fools (why doesn't Vice hire me to write for them, holy duh).  Recently, I was interviewed for the show Start Something Big for Toronto television. Will that be my big break via local tv like Wayne's World? Party time. Excellent.  Although my heart was soaring like your sodium levels after too many instant noodle dinners, I will not bank on me making mad bank on it. Some people can just look at something and see the dollar signs written all over it like a bad case of chicken pox. But I, like a poor chump am not driven by money, just the damn awesomeness of writing something that helps people out and hopefully makes them laugh or dream a bit. There are definitely big things ahead, like making this lil' blog into a real damn cool, world renowned travel guide, but I'm not too proud to say that I'll need to get a business minded person on board to help out. It's a sad point in your life when you begin reaching an age where you see you start to stare your limitations in its ugly face. Is this what it means to go from emerging adult to just a bitter old person? In the interim though, what the hell is next?

Well, I saw this site, business2blogger, that seems to understand that bloggers aren't exactly business minded creatures and that wants to help them with giving them paid blogging opportunities. Let's face it, I love to write about nightlife, authentic eats and cool as shopping for us 20 somethings around the world, so I figure let me try my hand (again) at getting paid to write about this stuff. Mind blowing revelation, right? This website brings people with inverse needs together- companies and bloggers. They send out these hot Gossip Girl like email blasts that alert you that fresh opportunities are afloat and you can sign up. "Leveling out the playing field, for the little guys (smaller blogs)." Given my failed Donate Here Sign, this sounds perfectly reasonable. I decided to mention it (instead of adding a button) because maybe it could actually help out some of my blogger friends too. I dunno. Let's do this.

I mean, there's no harm in trying it out, especially at this point in the game. Did I tell you, World that I was moving to Paris because I got HIRED in communications? Yea? Well did I tell you that it doesn't start till mid-September so I'm doing some lower than life summer work? Didn't think I shared this other self-loathing infused tidbit.  Anyways, hopefully this plan C works out marginally better and helps supplement my pathetic minimum wage job where my brain feels like it can switch to autopilot and jump out the window at any moment. (People wonder how I finance my travels. As you can see it's not a fairy godmother).

Besides that, summer has actually been pretty sweet. Discovering the smaller joys of Toronto, like patio brunches with great friends after all-night parties. Gosh what a weird self-deprecating mood. Maybe I'm just blue from having slept 10 hours the whole weekend. I'm sorry for this emo as heck post, guys. These things happen sometimes (or like once a month? Just saying), next one will be so stellar you'll pass the moon! Anyways, here's to blogging for not free and overcoming our non-businessy brain things.

To Jack,
I just read that Jack Layton, former leader of Canada's Leftish political party has died from cancer. I don't know how to approach death so well, but I know I feel kicked lower than when any celebrity has ever died. I met him at school and he was such a nice dude. I even voted for him and his party years back! RIP.

Music: Some Coming of Age Indie Pop Rock from Paris
This song, Young is Getting Old hits too close to home these days. As you saw, I'm getting way over being a poor student! I've graduated! Anyways, as I wrote on Facebook, this is as underground as it gets. The Western Indians, a cute Parisian duo recently recorded and released the album Young is Getting Old. This is the album titled track that I think is the strongest on the album. The album on the whole is cool stuff, sounding like the soundtrack for a Michael Cera movie.

Download from Mediafire: Young is Getting Old-Western Indians.mp3

Listen to the album, here.

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  1. Hang in there little grasshopper!

  2. Hang in there! Your blog is awesome, and I am sure your business-y woes will get solved in due time.

    Might I suggest reading this blog post?:

    It is another blog I read from time to time, and it might have some good advice for you?? I don't know anything about this stuff, but I am just trying my best to help you (because I love your work so much).

  3. Whoah! thanks so much for the recommendation. I sincerely hope she is the future version of me living in the present and one day i'll be rich from blogging too.

    Such a cool blog, thanks a lot for the recommendation and support..i can't tell you how much it means.