Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indie Guide to Nightlife: Happy Endings Toronto

The Ending is the Best Part: Dance Party in a Chinese Restaurant Part Two

I kinda wondered to myself, Could a dance party thrown in a Dim Sum Resto with a pool-party afterparty in a mansion really be topped? However, this past Saturday night my wonderings were licked down good. Happy Endings, the event thrown by The Mansion guys  + Scion is seriously taking itself and Toronto to a new level.

First of all, this city is way too used to going to bed at 2:30 am (ew), but when this Toronto + French trio throw a party they understand how real nightlife works, ie. you're not supposed to go to bed till the sun rises (Paris, clubs close at 5:30 am. Jakarta you can party till noon). And as a result they've been building a real following, coming a hella long way since their humble beginnings a couple years back.

The main party starts at Forestview restaurant in the heart of China Town. This time the music was hen(2) hao(4) ! We walked in, not even inebriated and I felt my body compelled like a marionette to start dancing to the electro being thrown down. It eventually turned into some music with lots of shouting over the beat, which I'm less inclined to bunch my panties up over, but whateves.

Next, the crowd was better looking than the last time too! My gay friend and I could not help but notice the delicious men romping about, but as he aptly pointed out, "Hipster gaydar is hard," so we were both confused albeit content with what we saw. The women were all super well dressed and showed all the funkiness I know exists in this city, which brings my heart to happy places.

What differentiates this event from any ol' night in Toronto is the after party. Last time, as I mentioned, it was in a real mansion in Rosedale with a pool, this time it was on a rooftop. No, I'm not talking a 3 story roof over a ratty Pizzeria. I'm talking a massive 20 story building inundating you with a gorgeous view of the city. Can you imagine the anticipation you feel as you slowly mount the stairs towards this roof?  The distant heavy bass is getting louder and louder like a deep thunder in the narrow whitewashed hallway until finally you're spored out of reality onto the lightly pulsing masses on the roof. My expectations and mind were just blown. The roof was packed with chill people. The music crawled over your skin and your eyes had a feast that it could never fully digest. That Toronto skyline, I've got to give it to you is something I'll never get over (one thing Paris does not have).

It ended a bit early (like 4:30 am) but the party was continued at various locations and it ended with Friend Jeb and I basking in the early Toronto sun rays walking around Kensington, grinning like we had bananas stuck in our mouth.

It was on that roof though that Friend Jeb and I stood there together and asked, is this real life? Whenever I have to ask that, I know it's been a good night.

Definitely check this event out if you're in the city for a full night of incredible. Word on the street is that they're going to start a party at Gladstone Hotel in the Fall. So look out for that. Feel free to contact me for details and guestlist stuff slash.. follow on Facebook for all the details on finding more cool shiz like this! 

Click here for the rest of the pictures !

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These are just my suggestions and how I've rocked this city but I am always on the lookout for more. Please send me your tips and what it is that makes Toronto full of badassitude!

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