Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Shopping Starts in Grandmother's Closet or..

How I Almost Dropped a Grand at Topshop NEW YORK #Firstworldproblems

Luckily, I had a brain. 

This is a straight up vanity posting. Yea yea I know, nothing to do with travel but c'mon. It's summer, pretty outfits, shopping in New York, being with my grandmother for the first time in over a year, etc
etc. Cut me some slack on this one, okay, Team? Anywayz.

The story starts in Paris. While in the centre of the fashion world I was influenced by two beautiful ladies, Ms. Solenn Berthou and Juliette Eisner, who kept popping up with charming little accessories to completely distinguish their already bangin' Parisian outfits that I love so much. I was dazzled and super eager to know where one 'hypothetically' could get such cool shit.  Disappointed, I found out that what they adorned would never be sold again but totally inspired because I had the same potential treasure chest waiting: grandma's old stuff. After living a dog life in Indonesia and roughing it out in Paris, I couldn't wait to return back to Toronto and rifle through my gran's jewelery box and closet, she herself a lover of the finer things in life.  While doing said rifling this is what I found.

The only things not from Topshop is the blue blazer and maroon bag (H&M), ring and hat (grandma)

This gold ring is the prettiest thing I've ever seen but somehow I can't convince my grandmother to give that junk up. I mean, true, she dropped a pretty penny on it but doesn't love and family conquer all? She wasn't buying into my pleas.  Her joy of my return wasn't going to extend that far.  At least she lets me wear it around though and hopefully by the end of the summer she'll come around. Also, completely inspired by the British royalty's love for hats and head pieces I threw on her hat to finish my outfit off. It's perfect for looking summer chic (and as a brownie, keeping from turning into darkness)!

On the up side, she has offered to give me her beautiful fur of some sort in her closet but my ethical issues of fur are keeping me from completely indulging my vanity..but still..I love it! What should I do? More #firstworldproblems be keepin me up.

Now the story moves to New York specifically Topshop, the highlight of my trip as discussed on the Facebook page. Friends recommended other stores (thanks!) but after getting sucked into shopping Zion I ended up spending all day here! I had a personal shopping experience and dudes, I almost dropped a G on all this. They took my potential clothes, followed me around the store and put everything in my hands away like I was Blair Waldorf, lined it all up in this wonderful changeroom that had a chaise and couches and cookies and tea, oh my! Holy Moses was it consumer paradise. I am a bit tearful about not getting that green mini dress on the left. It gave such good cleavage but as I had no special occasion to wear it to, I resisted. I just felt a pat on the back. Thanks guys. It helps..barely.

I was mega itching for a big floppy mariniere sweater + light green blazer with gold buttons but somehow I logic-ed myself out of it. Thinking, 'hey it's summer. I ain't need a sweater!' and 'How many outfits can you make with a mint green blazer anyway?' eh? eh?

In the end I only got about 4 items out of the dozen outfits picked out, thus saving myself a massive amount of debt. The yellow collar t-shirt above, the shades, golden chunky necklace and some sheer shirts so I can make it easier for men to stare at my chest. Jk, I'm actually in love with sheer everything. If you're in New York I definitely recommend checking out this Top Shop. I have been to the mega huge one in London and while the London one had more selection and funky designers, this one just makes you feel hella good. God Bless America and their customer service model!

So there you have it, a virtual tour of my vain brain and how I backhanded that biatch of consumerism to know her role. Sometimes, late at night I hear the whimpering of those long lost outfits longing to be in the warm solace of my closet. 'One day!' I tell them. One day..

Music! :(
I'm feeling mega uninspired. Please recommend to us what is making you love life this summer, because I need some help! Boss.


  1. Do you have to pay extra to have the personal shopper experience?

  2. I certainly wouldn't (couldn't) pay more for a pimped out change room. i don't think I got an official experience though, as I didn't book in advance. but yea apparently in general it's free!