Monday, July 11, 2011

Dance Party in a Chinese Restaurant? Yes Please Toronto

Dim Sum Dance Party give me Happy Endings

This is my first time in like 4 years that I'm spending a summer in Toronto, my home town. Not gonna lie, but I found the Toronto scene hurting a bit from lack of energy and with kids who are just too cool for school (dickheads) so I avoided it as much as possible preferring Paris or Asia (dickhead?). However, Saturday night despite my fat swollen allergic putain face I went to a party that showed the coolest side of this city. The Happy Endings party, with DJs rocking out in a Chinese restaurant at Spadina and Dundas was pretty darn epic. The place was packed with cool and even good looking folks and everyone was dancing their heart out. Also, you could get Chinese food and dim sum while dancing, um awesome? The DJ's were throwing down some good tunes but on a personal note I'm more of an electro person.

The best part of the night was the after-party then an after-after party organized by Toronto event guys The Mansion. In Toronto the clubs have to close at 2 am which is the weakest sauce in the world (like America), but after the resto we went to a real mansion in Rosedale that turned into a massive pool party. The place was beautiful, there was a hot tub and we stayed until the police kicked us out which was 6 am. Finally, Toronto stepped up its game to reach Euro or Asian levels of awesome. I know in Jakarta, it's not a solid night out until you've seen the sun rise. But here in Toronto, this is one of the first times I've seen it happen. True, it didn't have the sex-in-the-pool mentalness of a Thai Full Moon Party, but hell was it fun and the crowd was mega cool.

Courtesy of Alex Johnson

Pal from Perth! Who are you? Bathroom fun

After the Po-po came to boot us out, we moved it to the organizers', Konrad, Matt and Thomas', place for more chillin' good times. I somehow didn't make it home till 10:30 am and that was the Happy Ending I always hope for when partying. Good job Mansion guys and massive thanks! I can say honestly that you stroked my heart good on Saturday.

8 am beers

In the Sauna slash DJ booth at the mansion

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  1. so awesome but you guys were totally on drugs, right? there is no way i can go that long without sleeping. yup, it was the drugs.

  2. dudeee totally possible ! In thailand i partied harder only on copious amounts of vodka redbull buckets, never touching anything else!

  3. haha yes red bull does wonders, i always have memorable times after drinking those!