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Indie Guide to Paris: Eyes Wide Open for Stan Kubrick Expo

My Strangelove for Stan or How to Spend an Evening in Paris without Drinking

Stanley Kubrick was unknowingly one of my favourite directors before I even knew or cared what a director was. In middle school I had memorized quotes from Full Metal Jacket to effectively diss my friends:

Me: "How tall are you, little Suzie ?"
Little Suzie:  "I dunno, 4''5?"
Me (snickering in anticipation): 4'5''? I didn't know they stacked shit that high! *muahaha Annoying Orange laugh as I ran away.

In highschool, I hosted a movie marathon Night of Horror with friends and spent most of it smooching the guy I liked except for when The Shining came on..which was the only one to scare the teen love out of me.

I had waited two long days for A Clockwork Orange to download off Limewire and had watched it every other night before bed (these were the days before blogging and facebook. Donnie Darko was also on this weird obsessive list). I confused and worried my young self with how humourous Alex kicking the shit out of his friends to classical music was. Was I supposed to be laughing?

Miniature model of the set in Dr. Strangelove

But when Uni came and I started to get a clue. We had to watch Dr. Strangelove for my second year International Relations class to analyze Mutually Assured Destruction in a more fun way. That was the moment when I realized this dude Stanley was pretty damn cool and pursued watching his work just for the sake of it being by him.

With friendboy Big P we watched 2001 together and felt all the soundless awe and bewilderment imaginable as if we were both in the 60's and untouched by the wonders of modern movie effects. The larger than life soundtrack, and the ape thing smashing the skulls in the beginning still linger both lovingly yet all uncomfortably in my memory (like all of his films see to do). 

That's why when friendboy told me he had free tickets to the Stanley Kubrick Expo at la Cinemateque francaise, Humbert levels of desire took me over.  It took us a month to find the time between partying and working though, but finally we made a date on a Sunday evening (along with trying an Indonesian restaurant) and did the deed.

The expo was divided by movie and holds old props, scripts, financial statements of all his films, hate mail, fan mail, costumes and everything you can imagine and will be more than enough to indulge you intense fan buffs. For friendboy, an aspiring film producer and director he particularly was into the process of making the films, the budgets, the theory in the filmmaking. He took forever to get through Kubrick's earliest films (apparently his first feature film lost 20,000 dollars), whereas I was dying to know about the stories and the writing process. I particularly liked the Lolita bit, where he explains his regrets about making the movie and how much he had to tone down the steamy love scenes. It was cool because he used humour and music to express what he wasn't permitted to show.

The next Kubrick of the internet?Check out Ninth Pole's new site:

The expo is a massive pleasure and gives you the chance to shortly relive all your favourite Kubrick moments whilst diving deeper than you could have thought into the world of his film making. Coming out of it we both had the urge to re-watch all the Kubrick films. Truth, you'll have a craving that needs to be satisfied. Next one on the list for me is Eyes Wide Shut, which I've avoided seeing because Tom Cruise makes me want to punch him in the kidneys..Anyways enjoy!

Alternative names for Dr. Strangelove.. Amazing!!

Exposition Stanley Kubrick
Until July 31st 2011

Monday-Friday :12-7pm except closed on Tuesday
Thursday: 12-10pm
Weekends: 10am-8 pm

Cinémathèque française - musée du Cinéma
51   rue de Bercy 
75012  PARIS

8 euros regular price
6.5 euros reduced (bring your student cards!!)

One of the coolest new music videos around
Speaking of wicked film making and directing, check out this bad ass music video! The artist, Kitsune Maison produced 'Is Tropical' (NOT THE GREEKS) have their latest video done in big style. Megaforce, the same who made Kid Cudi's trippy but legendary Pursuit of Happiness video has done it again. This time infusing you with the joy it is to be a child again. I'm sort of pissed that this is portrayed as only the imagination of little boys, with not one single girl in it. Definitely wasn't true of my child hood where we played with ropes and bondage, bazookas and lots of karate moves (Ninja Turtles and Karate Kid were major influences for a 90's childhood)!

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