Monday, June 27, 2011

From Bollywood to Bumfruit Nowhere Canada

My Super Canadian Life Return

When one of my closest buddies invited me to his friend's farm for a hoe-down near Niagra falls with square dancing and a dj called Rockin' Robin in a barn, there was no way in hell my Canadianness deprived self could say no. After 14 months away from the great white north, hanging out in Whiteyville Canada seemed like the best way to re-initiate myself. We even camped out in a tent (that I won in Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim to Win Contest!). Because the tent belongs to my Guyanese calypso dancing family who knows nothing about camping, it has officially been named the Soca Dome, as all great homes should be named. Pictures and good times courtesy of Katie Hinks, a talented and lovely graphic designer in Toronto. Thanks gyal!

My Movember Rebellion

Movember Rebellion part 2. Canadians invented plaid bt-dubz. Whereas the fashion is dying out around the world after a Canadiana craze took over in 2009-2010, plaid will never die here! Live strong, Lumberjack stereotypes!

You can either get this when you come to Canada or..

Bollywood!! This weekend was the IIFA (International Indian Film Awards) which brought a billion people to Toronto (mostly brown, obvi) and while meeting up with my old partner in crime, we somehow made it into this fancy exclusive Bollywood charity event. ("Somehow" being her main squeeze Brooks, who is a bad ass film director.)

We saw this famous singer from some movie called Guru (I think...). Please forgive me, Bollywood fanatics (like my family!), but I had no idea who all these famous people were. Apparently the woman who was to win the Lifetime Achievement award was sitting behind us.. This weekend of Bollywood has actually gotten me pretty obsessed. They are all so beautiful, gave me lots of inspiration for hair, makeup and dresses because I feel bodytype/skin solidarity (big hips!). The movies themselves though need a bit more complexity to float my boat.

There are so many faces to Canada, and this weekend made me remember why I love this country (also the best eating ever, find the Indie Guide here)!

Lastly, a highlight of my weekend: GoT

 Long Distance Lovin to the Geekiness Maxitude!! Another way (besides the three I listed) to stay connected is to watch movies together or in this case GAME OF THRONES aka the best show on television right now, via skype!

Music: My personal fav from Bollywood

James, the big ginger above said I was" a white girl in a brown body" which I resented very much. Anyways, in subconscious rebellion I spent all today watching Bollywood films with my family. I do love me some Indian music, and here is one of my fav's to help you sort through the thousands. Eat it, Sasquatch man! (If you have suggestions for your best bollywood hits, let us know!)

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