Saturday, May 28, 2011

Indie Guide to Paris Eating: I Love Burger

Importing a Little Piece of America
Rad Diner, American Prices at I Love Burger

 "I love it because its' because it's cheap, and amazing."- Big P

You know that (hungover) feeling when you want a juicy burger and fries or say a casual burrito but then you realize you're in Paris and poor? Anyways, I know that feeling (um, right now). Ten euros is the minimum you'll pay at the American burger joints in Paris like Breakfast in America, and that's why my mind exploded when I discovered I Love Burger. I had heard it was the "best place ever" but since I heard it from Big P and he tends to say that every other day..I wasn't convinced. Until now.

This is a new joint in Paris that is a mix of American style diner, bakery and tex-mex all in a cozy and intimate setting. You can get a burger and fries for 5 euros, tacos for 3 euros and all sorts of (North) American awesomeness like donuts and milkshakes (try the cookies and cream!). The service is friendly and pretty efficient and they have a giant screen television with a Playstation hooked up! Radical! I Love Burger is open late (for Paris anyway) which is midnight during the week and 1 am on weekends, so depending on your intoxication and the certain cravings you may get, I Love Burger is the perfect place to go and chill (I personally think if they have short movies playing it would make it the ultimate place ever). If you have too much of la flemme to bouger from your various vices they even deliver! Legends.

How to explain this anomaly in Paris with cheap and good quality and not McDonalds? Well it's not a magical business model or anything. They've just accepted to have lower profit margins per customer by keeping the prices dirt cheap and counting on mega high overall sales. Although the space is small (part of its charm) they have many delivery orders, and that keeps them going. It must be going well because after having chatted with them, or rather, having Big P speak in French with them and him translate for me, they are also planning to open another location and start a similar delivery service with wine at reasonable prices (I guess like dial-a-bottle in Canada). Anyways, as an expat who craves a dose of North America sometimes and loves small cozy establishments with good prices, this is one of the most exciting finds and is certainly going to become HUGE. Enjoy !

I Love Burgers
Address: 20, rue des boulangers, 75005

Metro: 7-Jussieu, 10-Lemoine
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am-3:00 pm
 6:00 pm-12:00 am
Sat - Sun: 11:00 am-4:00 pm
 6:00 pm-1:00 am

I See London, I see France..
Update: So like, two months here and I'm still absolutely not sick of Paris. The thing is, I have two interviews coming up, one in London and one in Paris and both for jobs that seem pretty damn cool. If I have the luck of succeeding both of them I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I WILL CHOOSE. Which city is preferable? My north american friends all dig Paris but those Euros all say London is da place to be. "European New York" they call it. *Perplexed decision face. Anyways, below is a little bit of chillin' along the Seine before we headed to I Love Burger.

Spring in the city.. as you you've seen before is just magnifique. Pont de la Tournelle

Canadian red tuque represent. P sporting some Toronto Vintage as well.

Colonel Sanders? God?

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Sometimes I'm obsessed. Right now it's by this song by Jai Paul, a 21 year old English guy. It's smooth, soft, and sexy.

Download: Jai Paul- BTSU.mp3

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  1. Niice! I like this Jai Paul song. Have you heard of The Weeknd? He's Canadian and it's kinda chillwave-y like this

    Also, you look great in these pics :)
    I'd also like to add that I don't know what it's like to miss American fast food, there are so many gourmet burger places popping up that really up the ante in terns of burger goodness. Also, a lot of Southern-style bbq places are popular in TO now, and it's awesome. Chicken and waffles for brunch, rib nights, etc. SO GREAT.