Monday, May 9, 2011

Indie Guide to Paris Clubbing: Le Truskel

My Latest Crush

I have developed a major crush on the ambiguously oriented Truskel. It describes itself as an "Indie Pop Bar" but once you give her a feel you'll know she's more of a club.  It's this ambivalent disposition that has got my knickers in a knot.  I've been there twice in one week (considering the weekend has only 2's a lot) and yet I'm yearning for more. What is it about this little ladybar that has captured my heart?

Finishing off some pre-game drinks before heading inside. 

True Fact: There are a billion clubs and bars in Paris yet this one is different. It has a cozy dancefloor upstairs which creates an intimate and friendly atmosphere as well as a large smoking area/lounge in the basement. The smallness is cool because if you see a bird you fancy you can exchange hungry eyes all night from across the bar until you inevitably exchange numbers/saliva/dancemoves/political views whatever. It also manages to ward off extremist dickhead factions with the ultimate weapon: A synthesized Anti-Guestlist-Covercharge-Dresscode-Minimalmusic Laser Beam! Eat it, dickheads.

Pretension is left at the door (or at Social Club) and the music is fun and eclectic ranging anywhere from Abba to Snoop to Daft Punk. The crowd is still somehow awesome infused with trendy Parisians and excuse me from the gender-neutral table for a second..there are a ridiculous amount of men there (the odds are in your favour) plus they are all very cute in that slender, scruffy Parisian way. Winning!

Last but hella not least the best part is the Rock n Roll dancing. I was told by my lovely Parisian girlfriend Clara that this bar is notorious for dancing "le Rock," French swing like dancing of the youth (see video here) when it is not too busy. I went there on a Tuesday night and as soon as we walked in I was pulled on to the dance floor and being swung around in a billion different directions. By the end of it all I was sweating from all the twirling and twisting and even had one guy try to flip me over! Heart beats faster = love.  On a Thursday night it was much more busy so there was no room for Rock dancing (in theory), that didn't mean people didn't try.

 In general if you're looking to wear your heels or best shirt for a chic night out, save Truskel for another time, it's way too chill for that. Come here when you're jonesin' for a laid back atmosphere, good crowd and lots of dancing for the ultimate fun fest! Think Le Tigre (another fav) but without the hipster Olympics there. For you tourist or expats, Truskel is as Parisian and authentic as you can get and definitely in my Top Three bar/club things in Paris at the moment. Anyhoo, let me know what your experience has been there and if you have more suggestions, don't hesitate to share !

One word of warning! Be careful about leaving your stuff unattended. Friend had her jacket stolen off the bench we were dancing right in front of! 

Truskel Indie Pop Bar
12, rue Feydeau
75002 Paris 

Metro: Bourse
Entry: Free

Musique from France
One of the best French indie rock bands on the rise. Seriously, drink happiness in while you listen to this upbeat and joy infusing song. You may just be tempted to run outside, throw your head back to the cloudless Parisian sky (or wherever you are in the world) and just sing and cry your heart out to the Bewitched Hands. Wonderful, I've probably hyped it up too much now.

Download: Bewitched Hands-Work.mp3

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Truskel! Genuinely Parisian and always a great time... perhaps the oh so lovely and ample supply of delicious french men has me on the same hook as Lil'Fel.
    Winning? ... absolutely. <3

  2. Hellll yeah I go to le truskel way too much. And I just realized that I experienced 'le rock' a few tuesday nights ago! whoa

  3. I went there with my friends in April because of your suggestion and I have to put a big THANK YOU in here!

    It's been a great time at Le Truskel, and you're right according to all these Parisian young men! :)

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