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Indie Guide Thailand: Cheap Accommodation in Koh Phangan

Haad Rin Beach Resort: Some of the cheapest accommodation you'll find in the main area

This is one of the best hidden gems of Haad Rin Beach and I believe the cheapest bungalows you can find in the main Full Moon Party beach area. I've stayed there twice now, and I'm not going to lie, it's kind of the projects but you know when you're backpacking, stacked with student loans and earning a local salary at your internship, it's the best bang for your buck so you get over it.

It's located on the hill and you have one of the most glorious views of the island. Waking up mid afternoon after partying till 9 am and seeing the blue ocean at you're feet will cure your hangover instantly (okay, that's a lie. Only Pad Thai + coconut shakes can do that duh). It's very basic inside with a large bed (can definitely fit three people on it) or 2 single beds, and a cold water shower. 

Each bungaglow is sort of unique, it's hit or miss with the quality. For instance, the one I'm staying in right now is extremely clean and large with a great view. Downside? We can't use our toilet. No biggie. Our friends next to us have a functioning toilet but crappy view and yesterday morning 2 cats fell through the roof and almost died etc. But besides these minor details and if you're not scared of the occasional grotesque hairy spider it really isn't that bad. I know I haven't talked this place up very well but really, you spend most of your days and nights outside, it doesn't matter where you stay. Save your money for buckets. I actually love the simplicity and beauty of the place. It feels like a tree house!

There is no booking in advance and the place usually fills up 3 days before the Full Moon Party. Because it's so well hidden though it's one of the last places to fill it up. I'm probably screwing myself over by blogging about this but as always, it's my duty to share the secrets of cheap travel being thee ultimate Johnny Cheapo myself. Anyhoo, party mammals, have the best time ever while in Koh Phangan.

Haad Rin Beach Resort
Price: 300 Baht/night
 Directions: Tell the taxi Neptune Villa. It is just past that and it's on the same street as  the legendary Same Same Burger. 10 minute walk from Full Moon Party beach
No Booking in Advance.

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