Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Show Must Go On: Eko Nugroho

Jak Art Ahh!
Youthful heart pleasing exhibit at the National Gallery

Inspired by Yogyakarta art after my explosive experience there, I checked out this exhibit while in Jakarta. As one reader commented in the last post, there is indeed a cool scene in Jakarta to be discovered. While looking up Eko Nugroho shows, a Yogya artists known for drawing cute alien cartoons and also doing the graphics for Potato Head, a posh/funky bar in Jakarta,  I found out this rad little exhibit was going down not far from where I work. It's called, "The Show Must Go On," and was curated by Enin Supriyanto. 

After three nights of partying (American Thanksgiving + Blackout Party + Blowfish) I am a bit exhausted and hungover so please excuse the short post.

Thought this was pretty darn adorable at first only to realize the semi offensive details going on here. Babies + pig tails + Chinese style tats on them. If you're not familiar with Indonesian demographics (still learning myself), the Chinese people in Indonesia are the excessively rich class, known as "Chindos". They are usually in the nicest clubs and pricey malls. I kinda think that you'll see some subliminal msg if you cross your eyes.

These are two independent displays but when you step back you realize that they compliment each other in a JFK sort of way. Indonesia just loves Obama.

 3-D optical illusion done with a chalk board and a splash of colour. Well done. 

Angry duck with cool hair style, part of the first picture above. We spent a long time looking at this painting by Eddy Hara, surprised by all the characters you notice the longer you look at it. This guy's style is similar to Eko Nugroho, below.

Eko Nugroho. His art has been displayed around the world, even at the Louvre in Paris. His cartoonish, grafitti style is common from Yogyakarta, the crazy artsy city I fell in love with with the midnight art gallery. Unfortunately, the exhibit ended today, November 28th, but hey he'll be displayed in Korea (hot spot) and Melbourne next if you're in those hoods.

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How in the hanus have I not heard this Martin Solveig/Dragonette song??! Anyways, don't be a fool like I was and deprive yourself any longer.

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