Sunday, October 3, 2010

Papua New Guinea Vintage

My New Project(s) or How to Find Style in a Country known for Cannibalism

I love vintage shopping. I love finding small markets to get the raddest clothing for cheap. I love getting crazy things and fixing them, cutting them or sewing them (paying someone else to sew, more accurately) up to make em' crazier. I love this stuff so much that I'm going to take a branch of this blog and make into a tree.

Indie Guide to Shopping stuff will become it's own blog of all the little rad things I find for mad cheap. As I was discussing with fashion blogger extraordinaire, Camille Over the Rainbow for advice on starting a fashion blog, I didn't want to girlify Lil'Fel Rocks the World too much, a travel guide that is supposed to rock everyone's world, not just the ladies (Heeelloo ladies, Old spice voice). For this new project (don't have a name for it yet..ideas?) it won't be a trend-setter blog like the other beautiful fashion ones, but keep the same voice of LFRW, as a guide as to how to find the cheap yet coolest stuff all around the world.

Any web developers or designers who want to help make this the most bad ass shopping guide to Vintage around the world. Hit me up, fo serious. We can work it out, ad revenue stylez. 

Shopping here is going to be awesome and with new limits. I just found a little Indonesian woman who fixed up my oversized Mad Men like vintage blazer from Malaysia for 15000 RP or less than 2 USD! So excited. Anyways,

Here's my latest fixer upper.

If you've been keepin' up this summer, I went to Papua New Guinea to climb some high ass volcano (almost died of exhaustion), see what we did here.

In Port Moresby while...Big P's (new name for the amour) bro was looking for hiking boots, I sauntered into the smelliest second hand store shop. (Maroon purse= amazing find in Toronto Vintage shopping!)

 The guys made fun of me and were quite dubious about my hopes of finding anything cool. I didn't blame them, it smelled like rotten deodorant. (Check out my brogues, got them in Malaysia for 12 USD, clutch= Vintage 5 Euros Paris)

 I dared sauntered inside, all in the name of cheap clothes! While inside, I came across soo much cool shiz! As I said in the Malaysia vintage shopping post, the best places to vintage shop are where there are no cool people to steal the rad pieces.
Here is the one thing I found in 2 minutes. I know Port Moresby is ranked amongst one of the most dangerous cities in the world, but don't be that scared to venture out with a guide. Everyone speaks English super well, and they have several department like store buildings with these small shops.

Floral pattern shirt/dress: Papua New Guinea Vintage. 1 USD
Flower pin: H&M Paris
Glasses: original (Toronto Shopping, here)
Pink and Green Clutch: Vintage Paris 5 Euros
Maroon purse: Vintage Toronto 10 USD 
Brogues: Chinatown Kuala Lumpur 12 USD

The Fixing Part
It obviously needs a lot of work. For's not a dress. But I plan to change that with my cool Asian tailor lady (hope this works out). Second, my bust are just dying to come that needs to be fixed too, unless I want to pick up an Indo hubby. But with those brogues I have with little socks, and a nice purse, I think this will work out pretty, pretty, pretty good! (Curb fan, you get it).

Once again, if you are in the fashion blogosphere, any pointers and tips, let's talk.

Peace Bromies


So-Me's new video plus A-Track and Armand Van Helden that make up DUCK SAUCE. Nothing makes me want to dance harder than this song right now. Even at 2 am before work...


  1. It's a pity you only went to the secondhand shops in Port Moresby, you should try the ones in Goroka and Madang...they have stuff would you believe..for 10t.

    Maybe another time

  2. whoah..way to inject my arteries with longing and a bit of regret.. we were supposed to go to Madang but for no reason at all they canceled our flight so we jumped on the next flight out of that country and headed to the comforts of singapore! what were/are u doing there?

  3. Next time you come to Papua New Guinea send me an email: i would love to take you to my province in the southern highlands so you can see the real beauty of my country.