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Indie Guide to Indonesia Partying: Immigrant Club Review

Indie Guide Clubbing Jakarta: Immigrant Review
Avoiding the Prostitutes is Expensive

If you don't want a place full of hookers and/or easy girls trying to escape poverty by hanging all over old western dudes + fun music, Immigrant is the place to be. Believe me, in Southeast Asia and especially in Jakarta that is rare and thus a pretty darn good reason to go.  It's a sad truth, but if you're whiteish you can pick up super easily, which may sound awesome at first, bros, but after a while, it sucks. According to ex-pat veteran friend, Coran, 'It gets tiring to be used constantly, to buy her every drink, and frankly to have it be so darn easy to get some ace.' (mega paraphrasing, he didn't say it so obnoxiously). At Immigrant though, the crowd isn't trashy, the girls are as self-respecting as any Western country (which is not forcĂ©ment very high. Just add 4 cups alcohol and mix with 1/2 tsp of Game and voila! The perfect recipe of Easy anywhere around the world!). This place is as classy as it gets around the city though, despite the occasional girl slithering up the poles and trying to dance acrobatically. It happens.

The flip side of this coolness is that some may consider it pretentious. The crowd is filled with wealthy locals and expats who don't need yo' money and as in every classy place people are there to see and be seen. Occasionally folks were trendy but the majority are actually just trying to show off expensive designer labels (massive Chanel labels on purses which is just tacky). Good thing is that the music is a mix of fun dance beats mixed with electro sounds and people definitely break it down.

Meanwhile the resident DJ works hard to pump the crowd up by shouting "Put your hands up, put your hands up, awwwww yeaaaaaaa!" in the microphone every 25 seconds, you'll want to laser beam his electricity source but hey, I think this eager beaver microphone love is a symptom of Asia (saw this in Thailand a lot too) and not exclusive to Immigrant. They have a good feeling of the crowd and play a solid mix of dancing tunes to get even the snootiest of them all shakin' their hips. Sorry Scene kids, don't expect Boys Noize or anything but have a wicked time fist pumping to Edward Maya and the Top 40 club classics with a cool mix and a good crowd.

Unfortunately the dance floor is small as most of the place is filled with tables, but don't despair because that only gives you more ample opportunity to elevate yourself and dance away! There is a restaurant, and a beautiful terrace as well. Oh yea, it's in a mall. Heart sink*..everything is in anti-consumerist hell in Jakarta, so it really can't be helped.

Cover is 100 000 Rp (like 10 I can't eat for a day according to my sad budget) but IMPORTANT, there is a guestlist. I don't know if this will help you, but if you're faced with paying and attempting to drop a name, try this one: Sheila. I got in for free because of it, whuudddduppp poor intern clubbing!


"It gets tiring to be used constantly, to buy her every drink, and frankly to have it be so darn easy to get some ace." Ex-Pat on living in Southeast Asia

Ps. I realized I can't call myself a poor student anymore, so I think the terminology will have to become 'poor intern'..the perfect medium conceptually between student and adult..which is what I am! (See the last post on my new life). I think, actually the "emerging adult" phase is the best stage in life (I assume you've all read the NYT piece on the 20 Somethings, because if you're into this blog it's probably describing YOU). No papers and tests and ridiculous all-nighters in the library yet we still have the motivation and spirit to party like a university student and curiosity and optimism for the road ahead. LIFE RULEZ.

Immigrant Jakarta, Bar, Nightclub and Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia Level 6th #E02-E03
For information and reservation, call (021) 3983 8257-58.

Blah blah personal stuff...
My first weekend out was just dah bomb. I'm seeing everything for the first time and my heart just pumps adrenaline into me and blood and all that good stuff, I can't sit still! I'm perma set in mode Hyper-Happy all the time people probably think I'm on drugs. The people and the opportunities that are presenting themselves could kill me, I'm that excited. I am still trying to get a media pass or guest list for the Tiga show on Saturday at Blowfish and working together with the guys from Jakarta100bars (great site for an intro to everything I love around the city and run by fellow SciencesPo alumni) it might just happen! Wish me luck!

Elsewhere, I met some people who know what Jersey Shore is (so lame it's cool) and they then fist pumped their way into my heart while partying in this nice ass club. Heart beats. Earlier,  I met up with published author and long time blogger, Jakartass for drinks and they showed me a side of Jakarta I would probably never have known: Something called Dangdut. A style of music of the working class with cheesy, provocative girls singing what sounded like Karaoke with lots of instrumentals. I loved it because it was just real and the opposite of what most ex-pats ever see.

To the vain..if you're thinking ew, she wore those clothes in the last post. You are absolutely being reasonable. The problem is that I have a suitcase that has been left in Papua New Guinea and instead of taking 20 minutes to go through customs with DHL, it has taken 2 weeks. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. I just was informed that there is a chance I will have to go there myself and pay a f***ing bribe. Excuse my French, but there is no way in hell I can afford that and there better be some way around it.

The interns partying it up at Immigrant

Big Tunes
Music that has my soul crying from awesomeness. Think Beirut.. but a little less complex and grand but still an orchestra of sun rays and long shadows in the forest full of newly fallen leaves... Why hello cheese, nice to meet you. But seriously, yes. Check out more tunes in the Music section of the blog.

Icarus Himself-Digging Holes.mp3

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