Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Buy Concert Tickets in Paris

Top 6 Places to Buy your Concert Tickets in Paris

A former highschool mate was in Paris recently and asked me a pretty basic question, "How can I buy tickets to the Morning Benders while in Paris," I realized, although I had been to many shows, I hadn't been the one to pick up the group's tickets and I was stumped. Anyways, after asking around the friend circle, here is the list of sites and ways to buy concert tickets online or in person. Cheers to making life easier.

Eager beaver best friends dressed up for Ed Banger Show in Paris. Love. (Photocredit: the Camero- Scope) 

Online Tickets
 Moxity: Started by young entrepreneurs at SciencesPo, you can get tickets for every sort of spectacle here. Cool thing is you can search what events are going on based on the area you're in. Even better, it is a platform to sell your tickets. Forget scalping them, this site let's you do it for almost free and easy. 

I <3 Abbaye. With my bros at Solidays, an HIV awareness raising festival in Paris. 2008. Saw vampire weekend, Moriarty, Subways, The Gossip etc etc.

Ticketnet: Basic site, but if you don't have a printer don't despair, Ticketnet requires the real thing to be sent to you. Obvi ups and downs to that.

DIGITICK: This is the best site for concert tickets in Paris. It has all the indie shows and museums listed and it tells you if your friends are going through Facebook Connect. Print tickets directly. 

 History being made. Opening of Social Club Paris 2008. Insane show, awesome memories of my exchange year there. (Photo cred: Ro)

History being made. Opening of Social Club 2008. The beginning of a crazy-ass love affair turned relationship in the city of amour. Went to so many shows together and always had the best time. Boobs. (Photo Cred: Ro)


In Real Life

 If for some reason you don't have internet, like you're backpacking or something, here is where you can roll up in your vélib to get those tickets.

Virgin Mega Store: On the Champs Elysée.

Fnac: Music, DVD, electronics shop. Sort of like the HMV of France. Go here for big shows.

Darty: Pretty common around Paris.

 Sitting on the tallest man alive's shoulders. Best seat in the house.

Best Show I've Ever Seen
Pixies, love 'em or hate 'em they put on a hella good live performance which I liked better than the recorded album actually. Saw them in Toronto, 2005 Weezer opening with my BFF. Highschool love that just won't fade like the rest of punk and ska I was into. What a joke, AFI! Two bands I need to see still are: Arcade Fire and Beirut. Musical Big O' just waiting to happen.

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