Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Survive Travelers' Diarrhea


We all get the chocolate rain once in a while when traveling. Yea yea, it's gross but let's be adults here. This has happened to me way too much in the last couple months and for all you avid travelers and thin stomachs I figured you need to know how to deal with this shit (ha).  It can seriously ruin your trip, having you fear to leave your hotel aka the proximity to a toilet and leave you bedridden from stomach pains. I stupidly ignored it because I hate taking medication and figured my iron stomach would deal with it itself. The result was silly and I almost wasted my trip in Barcelona, embarrassed myself by skipping the fierce bathroom lines in clubs all because I didn't tackle the problem right away. The problem is magnified with exotic places, especially spicy South East Asia when every plate causes your stomach to feel like Eyjafjallajokull. Here is what I've learned the hard way.


Imodium is key. KNOW THIS WORD AND BRAND. While traveling in Egypt I forgot the name of this medication and was given some random weird crap that didn't plug me up well at all. You take two chewable tablets right away and then one each time you go. It really is a life saver and it allowed me to party without worries in Barcelona afterwards.

Sugar Water: If you're somewhere remote and don't have access to Gatorade or sugar drinks to replace lost fluids and electrolytes, mix some sugar and water. I don't know, that's what my mom told me anyway.

Lil'Fel Rocks the Pharmacies. Egypt, the shizzle they gave me didn't work.  False hope is given.

KEEP TOILET PAPER WITH YOU: While in Egypt again, I can't express how desperate my situation became when the storm was fast approaching and I barely made it in time to the stall only to find out that the stall, building or anyone around had no toilet paper. I had a cultural discovery because of it and that's the fact that in some cultures they don't even use toilet paper, they use...wait for it..their hand. In India and South East Asia they usually provide some form of water or hose to rinse off. That's cool. But in Egypt no such water existed... seriously dudes, don't forget to walk around with TP at all times. You can lose your dignity running around begging restaurants to give you some. ha..ha..

Eat White People Food: It's not spicy or too experimental and most importantly it feels like home. The familiarity of the white stuff was the only way I was able to eat without instant down pour. For some reason McDonald's chicken nuggets are theeeee most appealing to me when I'm sick. I also survived off of some Easy Mac I happened to pick up while passing through Australia!

Don't Party, dumbass: This may be intuitive but you'll be surprised how motivated people can be when they have one night left in a crazy city with their friends and they have started to feel well. This was my situation in Singapore. I was feeling sort of better and I thought I was strong enough to survive a night out. I had a great time that night actually, even got drunk without any emergencies, but the consequence the next morning was worst than the worst hangover you could have. Your stomach will feel like a lava pit and risk spewing from any which way. Try taking a 5 hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur without a toilet on board and you have a real situation. With some Immodium the situation luckily worked out. The only meaning I can derive from all this is that my bedridden state is allowing me to blog about it. yay. Good luck all.

Chocolate Rain.  A brilliant song by a talented young man. It might become your anthem. No connection to the dia except, "Some people stay dry and others feel the pain." True say, Tay.

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