Monday, August 23, 2010

Full Moon Party Moments: View from my Bungalow

What I Woke Up to this morning

Haad Rin Beach next to where the Full Moon Party is going to take place in 2 days.  As the moon gets fatter, the parties are getting crazier. Newcomers are pouring into the island every hour and the ambiance is infectious with excitement. From here though, chill tranquil place on the hill, above the canopy (feels like a treehouse!). This is what I see every morning. I can stay here forever.


Download: Drugs in My Body.mp3


  1. Wait, what is that lime green thing? It looks like a squishy toy but my senses are telling me it's a fruit or something.
    Help, I am not worldly :(

  2. It's a squishy toy i found washed up and abandoned on the beach. it amused the hell out of us for a long time and is thus fondly ingrained in my heart fo'eva