Friday, July 9, 2010

Indie Guide to Paris Eating: Les Enfants Perdus + Cafe Bonnie Review

 Perfect Date Idea in Paris
A great duo for a dinner date and a drink, if you're looking to splurge a bit and be young and cool at the same time. Two new places to be added to the Indie Guide to Eating PARIS.

(Cafe Bonnie left and les Enfants Perdus, right. In case these things are of interest to you, the pictures in this post are taken with the new Iphone 4. Not the best with flash, but def not bad.)

Les Enfants Perdus (Canal Saint Martin, 10th)

Sitting in a chic, almost fine dining restaurant with Bob's Marley and Dylan playing in the background is the perfect combination for a young couple on a date.
The design is super rad with edgy and soft photographs lining the wall and a big comfy sitting section of a sensual living room. The ambiance reminded me of Union in Toronto's Ossington area. I had been recommended this cozy yet classy place along Canal Saint Martin by a good friend and I wasn't disappointed. The food is French with creative twists by the chef and everything is supposed to be mega fresh. They get two deliveries a day and they boast to not having a refrigerator for anything except to hold ice and ice cream. I had a starter of Ravioles that was made with chevre (goat cheese) and curry sauce (10 Euros) with a main course of Beef made with blue cheese and potatoes (the cheapest main course = 19 euros). For a drink I tried their Home Made Ice-Tea which was extremely good..but tasted more like juice. There is mostly an older crowd given the prices (18+ euros for a main course) but the trendy neighbourhood, design and good food just calls for young people looking to impress friends and a date/ waste a bill or so.  Not surprisingly it was almost completely packed on a Monday night. Unfortunately the service can be a bit a slow but the dark and handsome French waiters will just give you a wink that can calm any impatient soul. Metro: Gare de L'est. 9 Rue des Récollets 75010

 Café Bonnie (Canal Saint Martin, 10th)

This is the bar is what Seth Cohen's wet dreams are made of (Geeky dreamboat from the O.C). With X-Men pop-up books, couches shaped like lips, lava lamps, cotton candy pink walls and giant menus,  this is a geek's paradise for losing one's sobriety. Don't come here for desserts or hot drinks like I did. Attention though, the drinks are not that cheap (10 euros for a cocktail), so I would suggest taking a drink after Les Enfants Perdus then sitting along Canal Saint Martin with your own bottle of 3 euro wine to spend the rest of the night. I'm not a huge bar person, but the dork in me begs me back. Metro: Gare de L'est. 9 Rue des Récollets 75010

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  1. Just back [in NYC] from Paris' L.E.P. Great lunch and kitchen team. Did you take a photo of their cotton candy machine?