Monday, July 19, 2010

Indie Guide to Paris: Just Be- Cheap and cool bar discovery!

My last weekend in France leads to amazing bar discovery!

Most foreigners go to Chateau Versailles for the gardens, but did you know there is a little park next to it with a mini lake? Picnic and wine time before the big night out.

Just Be (Montmartre): The fact that I am too hung over to write this is a testament to how rad this bar/restaurant is. I'm going to cut to the chase as to why this place is
important to folks like you and me- it has an amazing list of cocktails for FIVE EUROS. If you're not getting all excited and planning your next soiree there maybe it's because you don't realize that in Paris most cocktails are double that price and this list of great 5 euro ones is really a gem.

It was my last Saturday in Paris and we decided to hit the top of the town in Montmartre for drinks and Karaoke at Pigalle with close amigos. Of course we had a drink head-start with a picnic next to Versailles on a lake (cheapest way to eat out and drink. It's imperative to do a mini pre-game if you don't want to spend all your money at a bar!). Once at Just Be I got started with a 5 euro Bloody Mary (my favourite) and  I was not disappointed with the alcohol quantity and how yummy it was. My friends had cosmos, sex on the beach, mojitos (less good) and many others were available. But what killed me was what came next when I asked them to give me something crazy. At the bar you can order this dose of insanity called a Flaming Lamborghini (also 5 euros!). I don't know what was in it exactly, but I do know that things were on fire and blue liquor and Baileys got poured in it while I was sucking this flaming inferno of alcohol with a straw. You have to chug it and it is hella tasty but it will frack you up good. For some stupid reason I decided to do two.

 This shizzle will kill you

Beyond inebriation potential, the bar itself was pretty cool and laid back. There was lots of decor from India and other parts of Asia giving it its chill atmosphere. Best of all the servers were friendly and patient which is a huge booster when you're getting tipsy with a large group and don't want to be stressed. I would definitely go back if I wasn't heading off to Asia in a couple of days! 46 Rue Caulaincourt 75018. Metro: Lamark-caulaincourt

In France they don't do pitchers of beer, they do Giraffes. 40 euros for a small, 80 euros for a large. This at the next bar we went to.

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