Monday, May 3, 2010

Lil'Fel Rocks the World Presents: Lesson of the Day with Camille L. Girardet

Lesson of the Day: How to do the "Cloudy Cloud"

Here, with Parisian actor C.L. Girardet, star of the newly released Decide-Toi CLEMENT we get a little lesson on how to do some cool shizzle. Being one of my best friends in Paris + a great actor + a hilarious dude he probably will feature regularly on this blog. You may recognize his ass on the Banner photo. Enjoy!

* This is a bit different from the usual postings here, but as mentioned on facebook, while creating the Indie Guides, this blog is just trying to show people loving life with the people they meet around the world. It doesn't necessarily reflect the beliefs or habits of this humble blogger. As Bob Marley would say- One love.