Friday, May 28, 2010

Indie Guide to Paris: Ethiopian Restaurant Discovery!

Hello World!

Here is a new restaurant to be added to the Indie Guide to Paris: Cool and Cheap Eats

Restaurant Ethiopia (11th): While leaving the set of Decide-Toi Clement on the final day of shooting (release of episode 2 on June 6th) my lover and I Vespa-ed down a tiny street and happened to pass an Ethiopian restaurant. Kind of hungry and looking for adventure we decided right then and there to turn back and try it out, and we would not regret it. The restaurant was moderately full (always a good sign) and the service was friendly. The main dishes were all pretty cheap from 10-13 euros. There were choices of chicken with spices, stew beef and other yummilicious things. It also has a wide array of vegetarian options. Paul and I decided to try the "menu" for 20 euros (for one person but we split it and it was enough) which came with a sampler of the chicken, beef, veggies and other spices, accompanied with a roti like bread. I was reminded of home because I felt like I was eating chicken curry and roti (with our hands) and that made me very happy because I'm starting to miss home-cooking. It wasn't as spicy but it was super tasty and I think it may on the list of places I'd go back to often (especially given its cheap prices!) and I am mega excited about finding it! 91, Rue du Chemin Vert - 75011 Metro: Voltaire

Lil'Fel's Pick: Beef Stew = 12 Euros

This is the 20 euro menu we had that sampled everything

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