Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paris Series Part 3: Parisian Nights

A Night in Paris or How I Tried to get an Interview with Kavinsky

Huge night lined up.  Begins with a drink and dinner at Odeon, a fun, albeit expensive area to start partying. Only in France does bar food consist of a gourmet burger loaded with fois gras and other jazz that you have to eat with a fork and knife.

 Eff this noise, the only way to party in Paris without going
broke is by having a solid before (that's what the French call it..weirdos stealing our words!) known to normal people as pre-gaming. We bounce to the first of several house parties that night at Saint Michel to get the party started.

Mission Impossible. Polish off a case of beer in 10 minutes so we can join our SciencesPo mates at another damn house party. Time is ticking, our ultimate goal is to see Kavinsky at Showcase at 1 am and it's already Midnight.

I know what you're thinking and the answer is YES, we are wearing gold pants and silver sequin tights. Love Paris, especially when one can get jumped for wearing weird tights in Toronto (true story..save it for another time). 

The Drunk Store called... Next Parisian house party. No time. No limits. Drink and roll out. Efficient partying. Cab over to Showcase for The Man, Kavinsky, an awesome Electro DJ that I would soon try to get an interview with for Lil'Fel Rocks the World.

The place is packed, the crowd is wild. Electro shows in Paris are a whole new experience. Being in our oh so sober state of mind, Paul and I declare a mission to dance on stage and then sneak backstage  to get that  interview with Kavinsky. Great nights are filled with great missions. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time..

Success! I make it on stage and rock out while Kavinsky belts out 1986. Sadly, this last for about 4 minutes and then security kicks me off.

Whatevzz. Undeterred and so happy, I would soon execute my sneakiest mission of all. I was not allowed backstage even when I asked management to have an interview, but I didn't give up and it paid off.

My brownitude won the sympathy of a fellow brown security guard. He brought me back stage as his 'friend', I see Kavinsky, proceed to have the most sober conversation between the two of us (he was chugging vodka on stage, I feel a connection). I am overjoyed that I get to meet him and he's such a chill guy. Unfortunately, the good news ends there and I never got the interview for Lil'Fel Rocks the World (I don't want to say what happened but involved a very upset and horrible lady and the betrayal of my brown security friend. It was not my proudest sortie out of a club). 

I meet back up with the guys, grab a disgusting Kebab, have our friend stick Paul and I into a cab at 6 am. Even though my pride was damaged at Showcase and I didn't succeed to get an interview it was still awe-some. Despite it all and not ready to sleep, Paul and I dance and after-party it up until 7 am. That's how it's done and that's why I love that guy.

Round 2: FIGHT

Saturday Night. Somehow we gather the strength to make it to one of our best friend's pendaison de crémallière (Housewarming party) the next night. As you can see, French men are VERY comfortable with their sexuality.

I am clearly not recovered. Camille, one of my best friends and star of Décide-Toi Clement,  also had a rough night after the Kavinsky show, having spent it sleeping in the stairwell because he was too inebriated to climb the 5 flights up haha. I love college.

Things get weird. Paul and our French friends have only discovered the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard this year. Give this Aryan an Austrian accent to impersonate and a strange side of him surfaces. On the ground are his followers to the newly formed Arnold cult. What happened this night should not be revealed.

And what's a night without a fight? Jersey Shore Stylz. One Shot.

En Conclusion
Despite the epic night before we did not slow down. When we get our friends together in Paris to party, it is always LEGENDARY (sorry I am watching a lot of HIMYM these days) and too much awesome to handle. Besides in Laos, I have never partied harder and had more fun with a group of people consistently. You know you are, je vous aime, vraiment.

The End

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Kavinsky of course. Imagine racing down the highway at night while streetlight after streetlight whips by you. You're in a red sleek car and you're hiding from something or you're on a mission. The night is dangerous and so are you. This is what I feel when I listen to this Parisian DJ. Check it.

Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix)- Kavinsky.mp3

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  1. Any advice for shopping on a budget in Paris? By the way... I love your blog and have had some REALLY good nights out here at some of the places you suggested. My Parisien friends were impressed, so thanks.