Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paris Series Part Two: Une Journée Parisienne

A Day in the Life 

Suit Up. After a wild night of partying in Paris til 7 am, day starts with hungover Saturday excursion to find food. Little do we know of the little surprises that will pop up throughout the day.

Jump on your boyfriend's Vespa and head to Chatelet for cheap eats.

Obviously overjoyed. Thai Classic, some of the most authentic and affordable Thai food in the city during Lunch Special. Unfortunately we find out that the special isn't good for weekends. Putain.

Whizz by Centre George Pompidou, giant modern art museum and funky architecture en route to our next destination.

Romantic walk in the winter sun..and my boyfriend is on his phone?!


Beautiful day in Paris. The locals have left their shells to balader.

Stopping by the vintage clothing shops in the Marais. A must. Actually, what you see is a line extending outside for those waiting to shop. No thanks, we peace out.

Just walking the tiny streets in the Marais led us to discover and experience so many things we never bothered to see. It was like Jersey Shore. Although we live along the beach (the Marais in this case), we never bothered to go tanning there. 

Musée Carnavalet. We stumbled across this free museum with miniature models of Paris before the World Wars and incredible photo displays.  We are art. Ode to  Crystal Castles.

Tous Contre La Misère. Vous avec Nous?! More walking through the Jewish quarter leads us to discover this illegal collective housing project in the old building of Colonial Affairs. They are about to be expelled by the government after building a small squatting community, and they are deciding to throw a party on Sunday! We promise that we will make it but never do.

We find the inhabitants chilling downstairs playing boardgames. Check out their beds behind them. This looks more like a youth hostel than a squatters palace. If you have no where to stay in Paris apparently these collective housing units are all over the city. I say that only half jokingly..

Je T'aime with a Nazi sign covered up. Surprisingly, they have an art exhibition in the basement, as well as boardgames, music and le vin chaud. Deciding we are exhausted from our big day out we head home and prepare for another Soirée Parisienne.  Coming up next.

Gentlemen Drivers = Sick Parisian electro

Chanson du Dimanche is made up of a French duet of fun silly music. If you can understand the plethora of word play in this song, it will make you very happy.

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  1. Can someone have fun in paris and around the world without a boyfriend? Or a Vespa?

  2. Haha of course..as the other pics show in the extended part of the post, there are crazy free museums, vintage shopping, walking around, and to my surprise hippie lodging collectives that you can sit around and play boardgames!

    Anyways, Paris is much more fun without a Vespa, take a velib (free city owned bikes that you can rent), and equally awesome when single, because French people are beautiful and romantic!

  3. Is it that easy to interact with the French (I do speak French and will be studying there this September!)/meet french guys?

  4. I wouldn't say it's easy per se, my BIGGEST AND MOST important advice I give to my school mates who go on exchange (to scpo) is to do the weekend integration (like frosh week). This is where you go away in the country side and party and where I met all my friends (exchange and french) and the boy i'd be with for the next three years. Not sure what school you're going to, but yea speaking french is huge!