Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toronto: Best Local Music Blogs

Toronto Music Web Loggers

Here are a few stellar blogs that depict the Toronto music scene from Electro to underground hip hop. If you want local and legit and want to avoid that whole popular scene, you'll definitely enjoy these sites.

Salacious Sound
The Beat of Toronto. Gives you a taste of the newest music coming from or coming into the T. Dizzle. Great to check out when figuring out what boite to hit up for the night.

Local Toronto DJ has her own site that features rad remixes as well as news on Toronto culture, artists, shows and cool events.

Dirty Physics
A cool blog from the burb's of with all sorts of badass remixes and a great team of writers.

I am in LOVE with this remix I found on Vaneska's blog. Reminds me of a non-African version of Sabali by Mamadou and Myriam.

Sleepy Lion (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Magic Magic.mp3

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*if you know of any cool music blogs in your hometown or in Toronto, please let me know!*

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